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100% achievements Guide – Hobo: Tough Life

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By Legless Ninja

A guide on how to achieve all of the games current achievements, I’ll try to keep it spoiler light as possible.


First big thing to note, if you have completed one of these achievements but have not recieved it, restart the game and launch the world. Many of the achievements do not trigger upon completion, but are checked on entering the world.

Disclaimer: this is my first guide, i’ve never written one before and generally I consider myself poor at formatting/designing documents, so it may not be the clearest guide you’ll see, but it will be accurate as of version 1.0. Various things have changed since most of this guide was written, so some information may be slightly incorrect, i’ve attempted to keep it updated, but some things may have gotten past me.

I’d like to give a big shout out to the Hobo – Tough Life discord for assistance in writing this guide, While i’ve not asked them directly for assistance in writing, they have assisted me in working out how to achieve many goals in the game, including a few achievements.

With that out of the way, on to the achievements.

The Easy achievements

Excuse Me…

Talk to a passerby for the first time.

Talk to someone, you’ll do this without even realising its an achievement, if you haven’t got it you’ve broken something, make a new character

Finders Keepers

Uncover a spectacular find for the first time.

Spectacular finds are the items with a “?” symbol over them when you find them in the trash. They require a minigame to unlock and take the item.

Cold Wake-up Call

Wake up from your sleep due to being too cold.

Exactly what it says to do, sleep on a random bench until you are forced to wake up due to low temperature.

Let There Be Warmth!

Light a fire for the first time.

Use any of the lightable barrels and put a burnable item in and press “R” to set it on fire. One of these barrels is in every base area and there are a bunch randomly placed around the map.

One more time… for good luck

Go through the same shrapnel three times in a row

very simple, just open a bin, find a piece of shrapnel (the blocks that either make your clothes smell or damage them, they look like a brown blob with a fish bone sticking out) and “step” on it 3 times in a row.

Shhhh… It Happens

Let it all go in your pants.

Simply keep eating food and don’t use a toilet. You’ll eventually poop yourself, making your clothes smell, maxing out your odour and lowering your moral. It happens around 70 “number two” stat, just keep eating if it doesn’t trigger when you get there.

Humble Beginnings

Place an item into your hideout for the first time.

simply place an decoration/usable/structure in any of the available base points, you can get this very early with the quest maisner gives you to visit drax.

Tired of Walking

Use the public transport for the first time.

To use the public transport, either steal, find in the dumpster, or buy a “Public Transport Ticket” (costs 15 coins), and use it at one of the usable bus stations. there is one just north of the train station, close to the stairs leading down to the base area near maisner.


Craft an item for the first time.

Another one you’ll do without realising its an achievement, craft any item either at the crafting station in your base zones, or in the crafting tab in your inventory, easy ones are the bandage or recycled smoke.

Numbered Achievements

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Survive the first season.

Pretty simple achievement, just keep playing and you’ll get it eventually. The achievement triggers after:

Winter’s End

Survive the third season.

This one is a slog, every day takes about 30 minutes, 3 seasons of 29 days long, it adds up pretty long, fortunately theres a little trick you can do to pass the time without losing stats:

This achievement has been removed and is no longer obtainable.

Master Material

Survive one season in a hardcore mode.

pretty simple achievement in theory, complete a season on the hardcore difficulty. you can do this in either hardcore or hardcore+, I obviously recommend hardcore as permadeath on hardcore+ can be pretty annoying if you mess up even slightly in certain areas. certain changes can cause problems that make it harder, but otherwise it functions the same as a normal run.


Reach trust 100 with ten different NPCs

Haven’t worked this one out as I got it randomly while walking down the street, but in theory it should be getting 10 characters to 100 trust. you’ll get this as you work through the quests assuming you aren’t intentionally pissing people off. a few easy/worth raising characters are:

Five-finger Discount

Steal 100 items from the passerby.

as simple as what it says, just steal from people when you get the chance too, you’ll eventually get this. focus on easy targets as you steal from them faster, and pick up expert/master stealing for more loot options.

What’s Yours Is Mine

Steal 500 items from the passerby.

same as Five-finger Discount, just a lot more.

Take Pity…

Get 1000 crowns through begging.

Easiest of the achievements related to talking to people, you’ll get this one quickly if you can successfully beg off a few hard targets.

Rags to Riches

Get 5000 crowns through begging.

once again, a very easy one, you’ll get this as you work towards lvl 7 begging to get the master begging level, since begging levels very slowly after lvl 5.

Snake Oil Peddlar

Sell 100 items to passerby

you’ll probably get this one trying to get trading expert/master, sell anything you can to passerby, tough targets give more money then easy/medium ones. If you need more items to sell you can buy condoms and public transport tickets from a tabacoonist for 15 coins each. You’ll lose some money doing this to easy/medium targets, but it gets the number/trading skill up fast.

Wolf of Wenceslas Street

Sell 500 items to passersby.

Same as the previous one, just bulk buy condoms and sell them to anyone you can in front of the train station, it’ll take a while. If you have high speech/trading you can just go up to a easy target, offer then a sell and if it fails beg.

Click, click, pop

Unlock 100 locks.

This includes any locked door, car or item you can loot, you’ll get this one as you play, since locked containers generally have better loot (especially hard containers)

Lock Whisperer

Unlock 500 locks.

same as the previous achievement, just unlock everything you can whenever you get the opportunity. alleyways and areas around the homeless bases generally have a few safe locks you can unlock when your nearby.

Time to Get Dirty

Touch 100 shrapnels

pretty simple, just touch 100 bad spots while dumpster diving. You can touch the same one multiple times for this achievement. you’ll probably get this while playing by moving too fast or something, but if you don’t just grab some clothes you don’t care about and mash A/D over some shrapnels and you’ll acquire this fast.

Dung Beetle

Touch 500 shrapnels

same as Time to Get Dirty, but a bit less likely to be obtained in normal play, you can farm it in a minute or two by using the strategy mentioned in the previous achievement information.


Win your first battle.

simple as the description states, win a fight. you’ll achieve this at the same time as the next achievement if you’ve been avoiding fights.

Tables Have Turned

Defeat a thug.

thugs are the annoying guys wearing dark clothing that mug you if they get a chance. get atleast 3 willpower (hideout for +1 is pretty easy) and unlock scrapper from the dojo to get sucker punch, which uses 3 willpower to attack twice. with a decent weapon you’ll slaughter the thug before they get a hit, especially if you have troll which can give you a free sucker punch on certain conversation options.

Street Warrior

Defeat 50 thugs.

Same as the previous achievement, just make sure to intentionally fight the thugs when you see them, keep your willpower up and make sure you haven’t called the thugs off at bruno or you’ll have to do it on another world.

Easy Money

Finish your first job opportunity

Speak to Irena, who is in the building next to the police station to get a temp job, these are pretty easy to do and reward a small amount of coins, nice to pick up and do when your in the area. once you complete the job return to Irena for your coin reward.

Busy Bee

Finish 30 job opportunities.

same as the previous achievement, just keep doing the temp jobs whenever you can, you’ll get some alright cash and eventually get this achievement.


Complete 30 favors.

favors are the quests you can receive from NPC’s to get them an item, such as bottled water or a garden gnome. You receive these quests from chatting to the NPC. Maisner and fester will often have easy ones to do, in particular asking for bottled water, but you’ll do quite a few of these raising trust with different npcs, so you shouldn’t have to farm many if any at all.

Quest Achievements

Man’s Best Friend

Save a dog from being eaten.

You start this quest at drax by asking about his dog, this will send you to langos, who will ask for 300 coins to get you a dog. Bring another 300 coins when you go to get the dog and you’ll get a dog. if you haven’t done this by the time you read this, do it IMMEDIATELY, dogs are super useful.

The Guzzler

Become one of the initiates

The guzzlers are the faction of alcoholics hanging out just south of the train station, complete their quest to stay drunk for an entire day and this should pop.

The Good Guy

Be allowed entry into the Fort.

the fort is a building found just west of the church, up the slope and up the stairs on the left. getting entry to the fort requires the player to have a “good reputation”, you’ll eventually be allowed in if you keep doing quests, such as the displaced quests or quests for father burian.

The Thief

Rise from an accomplice to a culprit.

Start by doing the quests from Fin, then speak to Razor, follow the quest chain along to speak to Bruno, who will point you to Anton. keep doing the quests from Anton and you will unlock this achievement.

The Enforcer

Is this the beginning of a new mafia?

Ferenz is the leader of the faction running the pit in the north west of the map (north or maisner). keep doing quests for him and he’ll point you to Leo, who will eventually give you a quest to get protection money from the denizens of the pit. Upon completion of that quest you should get this achievement.

The Dealer

Help Moiser move his goods.

I can’t remember the exact point you’ll get this quest, but either by finding them or being pointed to them by Ferenz, you’ll eventually find Ramsay, sell meth and complete quest for Ramsay and you’ll get quests from Moiser. keep completing his quest line and it’ll trigger.

The Leader

Prove Baron your loyalty… or not.

when you speak to Struk under the bridge in zizkov, you’ll get a quest to speak to Baron, who is in the pub on the bridged area. Baron will ask you to help the displaced in the area to assist with his reputation, complete the quests for each of the displaced (3 in the tent near Langos, 2 in the tent near sister Agnes and someone under the bridge) and you’ll be asked to get their vote. Ask each person to vote for baron, then either tell baron he has their votes, or take the votes for yourself to get this achievement.

The Cleaner

Make sure there’s peace around the train station… for good.

After completing Crazys quests and starting the guzzler quests, you’ll eventually get a quest from Crazy to deal with the guzzler problem permanently. Complete this quest to unlock this achievement.

The Saint

Solve the robbery at the church of St. Maurice

After completing all of father Burians quests, you’ll recieve this quest. First speak to Ruda, the person in the picture, he’ll tell you he doesn’t have the relics and you’ll need to find them.

Vanga has one, she requires a candle to swap for the one she has.

Zachy has one, beat him in a drinking contest (having the drinker perk makes this much easier) to get another.

the final one is owned by satanist Marty, who will either require you to give him blood (no negative for this) or have lvl 10 stealing to steal it from him.

return all of these to Burian for the achievement. I’m unsure if selling the relics to Bruno gets you the achievement.

Long Live the King

Become the hobo king.

get at least 6 votes from the faction leaders and speak to Herold during the calamity that occurs at the end of a season, you’ll get a quest to speak to him. It’s possible to miss this achievement, but as long as you aren’t intentionally pissing off the leaders you should be fine. the game does not end when you become beggar king so don’t let that stop you.

Late Game achievements

Living Large

Upgrade your hideout to the maximum level.

This achievement requires you to get 90/100 points in your hideout from achieving milestones. at 90 you receive the final point to spend on hideout effects. 100/100 is not required so you don’t have to fill out the hideout completely. visit Anatoly, maisner and drax daily for things to put in your hideout and keep an eye out for bizarre/creepy equipment and you’ll get this without too much extra effort.

Highway to Hell

Perform your first occult ritual

obtain a cow skull from either Marty (questline related), Anatoly (cheapest option) or the antique store (much more expensive, but always available) and build a Occult Altar in a hideout. Wait until night and sacrifice a packaged chicken to it. you’ll lose health every 5 seconds or so and gain some items in exchange. I’m unsure if you can die from this or if beaten up will protect you, but be careful with it.


Have 3 different kinds of dead animals in the inventory at the same time.

dead animals are a rare find when dumpster diving, although a dead cat can be obtained when questing, you’ll generally just find these rarely in trash. If you’ve managed to get good reputation with Zachy and haven’t gotten this, you can find them occasionally in the trash around his throne, which he has to give permission before you can loot. You can also commonly gain the dead animals from sacrificing your health at an occult altar.

The Witching Hour

Cumulatively sleep for one hour outside of your hideouts.

pretty simple achievement to get once you are further into the game. 

The easiest way to do this, is work out which bedding (if any) you need to sleep for the maximum duration, buy a ton of herbs and lemons and make as much weak tea as you can. Use a weak tea, pick a random bench, sleep until you wake up and repeat.

Is This Even Legal

Craft a weapon from a garden gnome.

to obtain this recipe, speak to Kashee in the pit, after obtaining the Weaponsmith and Weapon Master perks from him to gain access to this recipe.

gnomes are quite rare and you’ll need a few, but the weapon is the highest damage weapon available, but only has 10 uses, so go ahead and make one.

Four of a Kind

Unlock all playable characters.

Since you start with 1 of the characters, there are 3 characters to unlock, the requirements to unlock the 3 characters are:

  • Stay at max drunk for 2 days
  • Stay at max odour for 2 days
  • Read 30 serious books while using a study

the first 2 you can achieve while doing the second guzzler challenge, as that requires you to stay drunk for 2 days. you can make this easier by using a drinking lounge in a hideout, but it isn’t required.

For the final character, you need to build a study that requires the following to build:

  • antique armchair – available from Anatoly/Drax or dumpster diving
  • Pile of books – available from any of the housing shops, can be found while dumpster diving or from quests, but you’ll find them mainly from Maisner.
  • Living room lamp – i’ve only ever seen these from Anatoly or Drax, you might be able to loot them too though.

In order to get the 30 books, you can beg with expert/master begging, steal from people or check Maisner/Anatoly for a book. Whenever you can, make sure to store the books in your hideout, to avoid accidentally using them. Once you get 30 serious books, take them out and keep using the study until you run out.

Obscure Achievements

David and Goliath

Defeat Kroll

Kroll is a large man sitting on a chair in the small homeless area just north of the train station (don’t go down the stairs to Maisner, but go past the stairs and west). start a fight with him and beat him to get this achievement. With some decent gear and scrapper you’ll beat him no problem.

Am I Still Homeless?

Have a kitchen, a toilet, a shadow and a laundry constructed in your hideouts at the same time.

exactly what it says to do, to build those items you’ll need:

  • 1 old washing machine
  • 1 washing machine drum
  • 1 broken kitchen stove
  • 1 Large pot
  • 1 propane tank
  • 1 basin
  • 2 barrel
  • 1 Bathtub
  • 1 toilet
  • 1 pile of books

you’ll find these in trash, and visiting Anatoly/Drax/Maisner daily. craft these into:

  • Field Kitchen
  • Laundromat
  • Throne
  • Shower

Once crafted, place them in any hideout to obtain the achievement.

My Name is M. Q. Klinger

Dress like a woman.

this one is a bit awkward, as you are looking for a specific coat called “fancy fur coat” to trigger this. below are the items I used to achieve this:

  • pumps are from the shoe shop
  • latex pants are from the second hand clothes shop
  • scarf from the second hand clothes shop
  • fancy fur coat is a rare item in shrugs shop.

there might be other item combinations you can use, but this is what worked for me.

Deal with the Devil

Dress like a fan of the most hardcore music genre.

to get this one, first build an occult altar and prepare a lot of healing items/packaged chicken, you are looking for the following 3 items from the altar:

  • Black Metal Jacket
  • Black Metal Trousers
  • Black Metal Shoes

The final item required is the devil horns, a common rarity head slot item you’ve most likely seen and gotten rid of. it can be found at shrug, or in random dumpsters. wear all 4 of the items to receive the achievement.

the final gear set should look like this:

Rock Bottom

Have all three addictions active at the same time.

the 3 addictions are alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. despite what the achievement states, I managed to get the achievement by just entering “Risk of addiction” in all 3 types. buy/find/beg a bunch of each type and go nuts until you get the risk of addiction. if you don’t get it, go ahead and get addicted, just be warned you’ll be sleeping in your hideout for a while to get rid of it.

I’ve been worse

Have all the negative conditions active at the same time.

this one is interesting to do, first of all make sure your stocked on strained alcohol, normal alcohol and a ton of healing items.

first things first, get soaking wet and eat a ton of food to poop your pants, this will set your odour to max, then eat more food to get your “number two” stat to red.

after achieving this, wait until your food and morale stats are low, then go nuts and drink a ton of good alcohol to get maximum alcohol and poisoning. by now your dryness stat being in the red should have made your temperature drop to 0 and made you ill. head towards either trainstation street or in front of the police station and wait for a policeman to go past, try to steal from a car and you’ll be arrested, massively lowering your morale. keep drinking strained alcohol and using healing items while doing this, and you should have all your stats in the red. wait until you get beaten up and you should pop this achievement. your stats should look like this:

I’ve been told that it doesn’t pop immediately for some people, and requires them to heal up then get beaten up again to pop, so if it doesn’t trigger after getting everything red, heal up and sacrifice your health at an occult altar or something.

You’re Playing the Wrong Game

Reach the score of 100 on the arcade machine.

to get an arcade machine, you must first find a broken arcade machine, these can show up at anatoly, and in hard locked containers such as industrial containers (the ones that show up on the map) and the hard locks inside houses. Once you’ve fixed the arcade machine, simply keep playing until you get 100 points. You gain 2 points per set of rocks you pass, and have 3 lives before the run ends. Just keep trying and you’ll eventually get it, due to the completely random nature of the meteors in the game, its possible to get a straight line for 30 or more points, which can make it a lot easier.

As with many things, if you start getting annoyed with it, come back to it later, the machine won’t move and its something to do during a calamity.

Snow White and Seven Dwarves

Have seven garden gnomes placed in your hideouts at the same time

And this achievement is why I said you’ll need some gnomes. to achieve it, you’ll require 7 gnomes placed in a hideout. getting the 7 gnomes is the problem as they are rare loot, nugget will request them for favors and you’ll need one for the weaponized gnome.

I’ve personally only ever found them in Anatolys shop, 1 from a quest and 1 from a hard lock in a hallway.

Completion Achievements

Master of All Trades

Achieve mastery in all of your skills. (Across multiple worlds)

When this achievement says mastery, it means that you need to learn the expert and master skill upgrades from trainers, not achieve lvl 10 in each of the skills. This is great because after lvl 5, begging becomes INCREDIBLY slow to level.

Expert skills require lvl 4 in the related skill and master requires 7 in the related skill.

The mastery trainers are:

  • Speech expert – Crazy, 300 coins, 50 trust
  • Speech master – Crazy, 500 coins, 80 trust
  • Begging expert – Henry, 400 coins
  • Begging master – Henry, 1000 coins
  • Trading expert – Anatoly, 1x Merkur cigarettes, 40 trust
  • Trading master – Baron , 3x cognac, 70 trust
  • Stealing expert – Furgrim, 300 coins, 30 trust
  • Stealing master – Bruno, 500 coins, 90 trust
  • Dumpster diving expert – Bear, 300 coins, 15 trust
  • Dumpster diving master – Bear, 500 coins, 50 trust
  • Crafting expert – Monty, 1x rum, 25 trust
  • Crafting master – Monty, 3x rum, 45 trust
  • Lockpick expert – Drex, 300 coins, 40 trust
  • Lockpick master – Bond, 80 trust

Renaissance Man

Learn all available perks. (Across multiple worlds)

Nothing interesting to say about this one, just a list of what perks there are. if a perk has a number after it, you must learn the previous ranks before learning the highest one. below is a list of all perks, who teaches them and the requirements for them.

  • Guts – Tony, 300 coins, 30 trust 
  • Burglar – Bond, 300 trust, stealing lvl 4, 40 trust
  • Drinker – Cardinal, 300 coins, 30 trust
  • Dump raider – Maisner, 3 rum, dumpster diving lvl 4, 50 trust
  • Strategy – Crazy, 300 coins, speech lvl 4, 30 trust
  • Insolence – Langos, 600 coins, speech lvl 5, 30 trust
  • Troll – Nugget, 300 coins, trading lvl 3, 30 trust
  • Mugger – Furgrim, 500 coins, stealing lvl 5, 60 trust
  • Street vendor – Nugget, 300 coins, trading lvl 3, 30 trust
  • Resilience – Shruk, 5x rum, 35 trust
  • Shameless Thief – Furgrim, 300 coins, 20 trust
  • Shameless Thief 2 – Furgrim, 500 coins, 50 trust
  • Charming – Fin, 300 coins 
  • Charming 2 – Fin, 500 coins, speech lvl 4
  • Charming 3 – Fin, 800 coins, speech lvl 6
  • Engineer – Monty, 300 coins, crafting lvl 4 
  • Intuition – Bear, 2 rum, dumpster diving lvl 4, 30 trust
  • Adrenaline – Standa (martial arts trainer), 500 coins
  • Weapon master – Kashee, 300 coins
  • Masochist – Tomcat (strange person), 50 trust
  • Scrapper – Standa (martial arts trainer), 800 coins, 3 willpower
  • Weaponsmith – Kashee, 300 coins
  • Smuggler – Anton, 300 coins, 50 trust
  • Smuggler 2 – Anton, 600 coins, 90 trust
  • Alcoholic – Cardinal, 300 coins, 20 trust
  • Alcoholic 2 – Cardinal, 300 coins, 50 trust
  • Alcoholic 3 – Zachy, 3 gin, 95 trust
  • Junkie – Ramsay, 300 coins, 30 trust
  • Junkie 2 – Ramsay, 400 coins, 90 trust

Urban Explorer

Uncover all points of interest. (Across multiple worlds)

So as far as I can tell, for this achievement you have to use (atleast interact, though i recommend completely using the point of interest) each of the points of interest that show up on the map. this includes:

  • Characters (not all but 83 specific characters)
  • Hideouts
  • Fire barrels
  • Industrial trash cans
  • All types of shops
  • Bus stops

The following 2 images are all of the points of interest on a completed map, followed by the location of all npcs.

Model Citizen

Reach maximum renown with the police.

Prior to update 1.02.006, this achievement was not obtainable. It was long believed to be the case, but the update logs confirmed it. To achieve this, you need 90 reputation with the police, the activities that give you a reputation bonus are:


As you can see, most of the points come from handing in the kraken package, if you want the achievement but don’t want to mess up your Moisner rep, just make a backup off your save, hand it in then reload.

The Legend of Praslav

Earn all other achievements.

As of the current update ( this achievement is unobtainable for most players. The developers are aware of the issue, but are focused on releasing the game onto consoles, so there may be a few month wait before it gets fixed. if you managed to get it, well, you broke something, good job. the issue is most likely due to the change of requirements from surviving 3 seasons to surviving 1 season as a hardcore character, but I can’t state for sure.

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