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2023 Game Devs Of Color World Revisions Full Schedule

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Last week, the team behind 2023 Game Devs Of Color Expo Online revealed the full schedule of events that people can participate in. Since the outbreak of the outbreak began, the team has changed the format of the show from one online event to one. They work to set together a cool schedule that lets anybody join and watch each panel, so they set up four days worth of featured talks, interviews, group panels and a few games announcements in the mix. All this will be moderated and feature a dozen guests, all contributing to the non-profit organization’s efforts in the industry. There’s still time to register and take part in the event as a virtual attendee, the event’ll run from August 27-30, 2023.

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The 8th annual meeting is a collaboration event for experienced gamers and indie developers from around the world – they will share their skills in a unique effort. The focus of the GDoCExpo Experience is unabashed throughout. There’s a sense of camaraderie and openness in the event, and in breakout discussions, which rarest to see in a broader industry event. GDoCExpo opens several forums for people in the games industry who want to share their experiences and experiences with the community.

Every speaker and game is automatically included in the grant. Last year, the organization awarded ten thousand dollars in no-strings grant. Since 2019, they’ve distributed more than $360,597 to the color-makers. At last year’s Expo, there were 79 speakers in 52 panels, talk-ins and interviews with game dev. Gradient Convergence, its curated Steam exhibition and sale, highlighted more than 70 games from different voices across the industry. It reached hundreds of thousands of visitors.

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