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5 Characters from various backgrounds Respected by many fans

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Some Bekasi Villain characters can be cruel, but some are cruel, but they are completely heartless.

Many people respect them, however. That is because its ideology and motivation aren’t at all evil. Many people are even paid special respect because they sacrifice their own respects so everyone can become heroes in the series.

The villains of anime are very unique and complicated characters. They’re not complete, but evil are a lot of things. They could’ve done this mission for the benefit of everyone. There are also people who want to rid themselves from corruption.

Sadly, the use of their weapons is very cruel and inhuman. There are still the fans who respect the villain.


Listen to the crimes that deserve respect.

With their backgrounds, motivations and characters, these villains have won more than enough hearts for their fans.

People who are special and deserve respect. Here’s the Sindonews page!

1. One of the biggest European banks ever (The US) has announced that he will have a buck.

Sosuke Aizen is a highly respected captain of the Seventh Division of Gotei. Aizen is famous for being kind, polite, and helpful. But a disguise for a manipulative nature is impossible.

He would try to fake his own death so that all would believe that he was murdered to achieve his dreams. He worked for a while without seeing anyone. Aizen is considered responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people, betrayed and even stabbed Momo, who was innocent and loyal.

Unfortunately he is a good character and fans believe that he is one of the greatest villains of all time if he cannot be hated. The single villain of this list is realizing that humanity has evil motives and goals from the beginning.

See, well, and how:

2. Shishio Makoto (Rorumani Kenshin)

Shishio Makoto has had a gimmick in his past against the Meiji government. Due to his strength, he was hired by the government to kill samurai.

In the end, the Meiji government plans on killing Shishio. He burned his body even so that he died more quickly. Unfortunately, Shishio still survives.

His revenge was increasing and he was determined to overthrow the Meiji government and gain power by applying the social Darwinism principles. With this belief, Shishio created a campaign against the Meiji government. Shishio thought that Meiji government was too weak to run the country.

Read, too,:

3. The “Henochier” (English, Alchemist).

Greed is the one of the homunculi whose destruction is often considered a source of chaos in the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood series. When the story gets to the end, when her father absorbs that that strengthens her father, Greed does something heroic.

Her host, Ling, tries to rescue Greed, but Greed tricks Ling so that her Father doesn’t absorb Lings power. Greed, in addition to that, turned his body into graphite before he got his power into a sleeve of power.

The father’s body becomes fragile and then the heroes can quickly destroy him. If there wasn’t Greed, even the Fathers sinister plan would succeed.

Greed enjoyed our greatest sacrifice as a whole from the heroes of this series.

Read in on your other words.

4. Uchiha Itachi (Naruto)

Uchiha Itachi is a fairly complicated antagonist character in the Naruto series. He committed a dangerous act of cruelty because he killed all members of the Uchiha clan, including his parents.

Even so, he allowed his younger brother Sasuke to live. It happened because itachi is determined to die in the hands of his younger brother. Sasuke has also gotten angry over itachi for years.

Aside from that, Itachi also committed genocide because of the Anbus manipulation. They also consider Uchiha Itachi a threat to Konoha, and must be destroyed immediately.

Itachi fulfilled his duties, and knew all the consequences of its work. The fans therefore respect her.

Read it, too.

5. Issai (My Hero Academia) in my limbs?

The villain Stain in the My Hero Academia series deserves respect and respect. This is because of his view of people who are considered heroes for the sake of money and that fame doesn’t deserve to be called a hero.

Stain believes that a hero’s all right is, because he fights for the people. However, any of Stains’ later actions can’t be justified at all. He himself created a campaign to kill heroes who won’t deserve this title.

Stain earned his nickname on the star of the king. Certainly, Stains idealistic views are very good. Maldy, his actions are very cruel.

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