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5 Ways The Killzone Franchise Could Make Returns

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Before Guerilla Games released Horizon Zero Dawn, and it caught millions of fans, the developer was best known for his work on the Killzone franchise. Killzone was meant to be Sony’s answer to Microsofts very successful Halo, and while those goals were never achieved, the franchise did hardly lose sight, and then it became a respectable shooter, one that Sony thought was to count as one of the popular tentpole rumors for the PS3.

But as it may, failures like Shadow Fall left Killzones a waste of time and eventually eventually left the franchise for the second, and the Guerilla Games then moved back to green pastures. But I can only imagine Killzone, and wonder whether it would make for a realistic game in today’s gaming landscape.

Now you know what, it would make absolutely sense to bring back Killzone and there are so many steps that Sony could follow to just do that. Here are five people that we think are most probable of all those.

The next smuggler could ruin the original story.

Even though Killzone had many great things, a story was not among those traits. The worldbuilding was solid enough, and with great art direction, Killzones and world and character seemed amazingly astonishing. But that facade soon loses and the criticism of the story starts to resurface. Sure, a person could say that, in a game, so focused on shooting enemies in front of it, the story doesn’t really hold that much weight.

Even though that could be a valid argument, a good story leads a long way in legitimizing a game and paving the way for a larger universe, one that accounts for different types of experiences. When does the program get lost?

This is a more idealistic way to reintroduce the franchise to a modern gaming world. If the next Killzone had an rebooted plot, new players who have no experience with this series would be tempted to jump in, while those who have grown up can also see this a bit in a new light. And then, of course, the developer would work on a clean slate with many advantages. Everyone wins, nobody wins.

The Next Killer Zone Could be a Multiplayer-Based Game.

But if story and single-player campaign are something causing terrible problems for the developer, we should abandon the whole portion of the game and go for a game focused on multiplayer – but it isn’t.

While that approach might seem unintuitive at first, on multiple entries, Killzone developed a compelling multiplayer experience that kept fans to be back. Don’t take the leap of time – make a few new modes of play to test Killzone on the new market for the game.

If Sony took the initiative, it would be able to get a game in two ways either ship the game with a fixed price or play the game free. At the same time many multiplayer shooters were successful, and while each of these routes has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages, there is no doubt that Killzone can flourish as a multiplayer experience.

The new Killzone is going to be able to make a world wide approach by a second party.

Although there were many reasons for the disbanding of Killzone after Shadow Fall, one could not distinguish between this franchise and the open-world third-person cinematic experience model that Sony has adopted with major majority of first-party releases. What stood out for this sentiment is the fact that Guerilla Games was going to make Horizon Zero Dawn after Killzone: Shadow Fall a Open-World action-adventure game and we all know what Sony is giving to that franchise and rightfully so.

But who said that Killzone can’t be molded into this aforementioned box, that statement may have sounded borderline idiotic a few years before its starting to make more sense each year. Guerilla Games has really nailed what to create open-world experiences with Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, so why not use the same skills for Killzone to get rid of the frightened world.

343 Industries used the same system as Halo infinite, and that changed drastically impacted the company’s franchise. Why don’t we take that book out of a few pages and build the new world-wide Killzone to make it more pleasing to new audiences? Even though we’re honest, Killzone has vast potential to take this route, it would be really interesting to see the series in detail.

The next Killzone might be a little smaller.

Even though you might venture to the same level, or reboot the story entirely, you will need much research and research. If you do it, you’d really need lots of capital. Sure, Sony could manage it if it wants to but putting this money into a business that hasn’t really given out expected returns might not be the wisest decision, from a financial perspective.

In such a way, a mid-budget game may be a better choice. Sony has done the same with Killzone in its form of Mercenary, which was a spin-off of the mainline series released for the PS Vita. Even though it wasn’t a perfect game, Killzone Mercenary certainly impressed everybody by its visuals and solid gameplay, and was truly a success.

Let’s do the same again to test the waters and make a better sense of whether Killzone would survive in the current gaming world? It is a lucrative option, and it’s worth a look into.

The Next Killzone Could Go VR.

It’s clear to us that Sony is placing huge wagers on VR, but the future of PSVR2 is a bold testament of that statement. Even as the likes of Horizon: Call of the Mountain are certain to be system-selling games for the platform, a Killzone VR would not hurt. The first person shooting gameplay is practically perfect for VR. It’s been shown in the latest edition of Blood and Truth how a set of action adventure games can be built for the platform.

It is not the only thing we think that a potential Killzone VR game would be successful and we are not the only ones who think so. Recently, a rumor stated that a Killzone VR has already been in development for a few years, and the project which was previously helmed by Supermassive Games has been brought in-house and will now be released for the PSVR2. As always, it’s advisable to dig this information so much, but we can find a hope for the moment.


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