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6 Unique Match-3 Puzzler Upgraded To Go Premier With new puzzle mode, UI, and control support

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There are tons of match-3 puzzlers on mobile, but Aaron Steeds Six Match (Free) caught my eye a few years ago. This blended in the traditional match-3 mechanics with sliding puzzles and cards. When I played it, I love the aesthetic a lot. Since now, the first update in four years has been made to change the monetization and to bring some new content. Six Match is now the best game for $2.99, but not free. Ads, in the app purchases and leaders on the list have since been removed in the new edition. In terms of new content, it now has controller support, a new puzzle mode, UI improvements, dice coins, etc.

While the removal of boardwalks is not necessary, Im glad to see that it was updated in order to stay in the house for a long time and help with the latest update, as it appears in the app store changelog of Six Match. Six Match is available on itch.io and these versions are also updated. Head over to our old thread for the two-legged match here. You can buy six match on the app store here for $2.99. Has she played Six Match before or will you buy it now with todays updated update?

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