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8.1K monitor: First information on the Viewsonic VG3281 surfaced

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8K monitors are still not so widespread, but the first manufacturer has already launched a new model that costs almost 7,000 x 4320 pixels. Of course there is only the Dell Ultrasharp UP3218K available for that category, but Viewsonic is just now the company whose hat has been in the ring. According to the PC Monitors portal, Viewsonic is working on the VG3281, which has already appeared briefly in Chinese online stores, probably unintentionally.

According to the list, the 8K monitor is with a corresponding resolution. It’s extended to a diagonal of 51,5 inches, and hence has a pixel density of 28piodes. The IPS panel is available as a result of its 10-bit color content. The brightness of the VG3281 is 300, while the contrast ratio is 1,000,1 is 1,000. In color spaces, Viewsonic offers full coverage from DCI-P3 to Adobe RBG. Hertz still gives up.

The Viewsonic VG3281 has all common standards when it comes to connections. The HDMI 2.1 connection and a USB-C port with a DisplayPort connection are attached. There is a USB hub next to it, which is used with three USB-A sockets, a Type-B upstream and a jack wire.

However, no official information has been discovered about the release and price of the Viewsonic VG3281. After all, this is probably simply an accidental listing and not a presentation by the manufacturer. The online shop responsible for the leak at least provides some information. The 8K monitor had a RRP of about $2,400, which would cost a much cheaper alternative than the Dell monitor.

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