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8 suspense-inspired comedy that will make you bite your nails

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In recent years a variety of Korean TV series have been posted on the major streaming platforms available in Brazil. The k-Dramas or the one that are also called bring joy to thousands of fans in our country, sometimes in particular, that is relevant to romance, but also with suspense.

Because of that, we figured out some of the best books for fans of this type of production. Take a chance to write down the tips and watch them on the streaming platforms you have access to. Look out under the shade and enjoy!

8. Voice

Dorama Voice is available on Netflix. (NOT/REproduction)Source: OCN (NET)

Voice, available on Viki and Netflix, tells the story of a very intelligent detective named Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) and his encounter with the police officer Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) which has come true. They meet when that latter comes back from training in the United States.

They discovered that they might have lost loved ones to the same killer. Thus, they go together to try to find this dangerous criminal while still being free in their internal dilemmas.

7. In the past, we’ve made it back.

Dorama Tramas do Pastado – Available on Netflix (Netflix/Reproduction)Source: Netflix.

There is a new drama available on Netflix in sequence. The saga of Kim Seo-hui (Lee Yoo Young), who collaborates with Jo Tae-sik (Lee Min-ki) to discover what may have happened to her father, who died, and her husband mysteriously disappeared.

Both are in the National Assembly from now on, trying to discover that the truth behind all of these enigmas is true. The situation becomes more complex as time passes and it seems the whole world is too dangerous.

6. Signal

Dorama Signal (VCT/Reproduction)Source:VCT/Reproduction Source:VCT/TVN.

Another drama that also features detectives pleading a complex case involving murder and conspiracy is Sign. The experienced Cha Soo-hyeon (Kim Hye-soo) must connect with the newcomer Park Hae-yeong (Lee Je-hoon) after being transferred to the new division of the office with a new division he’s removing from the archive.

As far as this premise, that translates directly to X-Files (the X-Files), the audience follows the development of an unexpected partnership, which will work for a long time to unravel some enigmas.

5. Stranger

Horror is drama (TVN/Reproduction)Source: TVN/Reproduction

There’s a new drama for Netflix. With a very strong political footprint,Stranger addresses a number of cases involving important people and its efforts to prevent some ill issues covered up.

The keen and determined detective (played by actress Bae Doona) is a cold and calculating prosecutor (played by Cho Seung-woo) to receive relevant information about some obscure matters, particularly matters of murder and harassment.

4. The Three Sisters are living together.

Drama The Three Sisters, available on Netflix (TVN/Reproduction). Source: TVN (TVN/Reproduction).

The Three Sisters (Little Woman in the original) is a literary classic adapted in a few different movies. In the original, these sisters express the story of three sisters with different personalities: Kim Go Eun, from Goblin, Nam Ji Hyun, from 100 Days My Prince, and Park Ji Hoo, from We Are Dead.

With a strong bond, they become involved in a dangerous case when they have the courage to confront people of a rich and powerful family in the region. These movies can be seen on Netflix.

3. Doctor Prisoner

Dorama Doctor Prisoner is available on Netflix (KBS2/Reproduction)Source: KBS2/Reproduction (RHD)2.

Doctor Prisoner, available on Netflix and Kocowa, is perhaps one of the most famous films on the list. When the competent doctor (Namgoong Min) is accused of negligence by the board of the institution where he works, his life is literally transformed.

After this, he’s resigned from the university hospital where the patients loved him and finds out for an entire year. He does not want to leave the prison until he decides to work in a prison. He can get in contact with many criminals even though he’s trying to treat patients without discrimination.

2. What a good detective they are.

Drama The Good Detective, available on Netflix (JTBC/reproduction).

To continue with this list, we’ve got to talk about an original most famous suspense show, which we could view on Netflix. The Good Detective focuses on the three people involved in criminal investigations. The first of them is Kang Do Chang (Hyeon-ju Son), who works in a very traditional manner for 18 years as a detective.

In that case, there is Jihi Hyuk (Seung-jo Jang), a researcher who likes to study psychological analysis in order to create a puzzle. Finally, the journalist Jin Seo Kyung (Lee Elijah) is a very young reporter, interested in taking part in the investigations.

1. The Lesson

Drama A Licao, available for Netflix (Netflix and Play)Source: Netflix.

In final, Netflix’s original movie The Lesson couldn’t be excluded from this list. When Moon (The Lady) finds important information about her attacker, who destroyed most of her dreams, she decides to take action in an attempt to fight against her evil.

Using this means, Moon infiltrates that person life and also lives of others who caused trauma to him during his school days. From this, the character tries to manipulate them in his favor, and then asks itself: what limits can be obtained in a revenge-like manner?

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