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A buy of PS5 at Christmas 2022 isn’t an impossible feat in the USA anymore

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According to the latest social network testimonials, it seems easier now that one can be found in American stores PlayStation 5 even a few days before Christmas.

In fact, more users from Twitter posting photos of their shelves, with many PlayStation 5s ready to buy, without needing to buy a console in bundles with video games, accessories or subscriptions. Since the number of tests to give with an assessment of a situation as of that type, even in days which are extremely complex to manage a new generation console, it’s not possible to think the situation is slowly improving two years after the release of PS5 and Xbox series X|S on the market.

In fact, it seems that all of the other gaming machines are for sale in abundance on the shelves of most stores, so a single machine can be bought now and that only once with the same chance.

While we wait for the situation to improve in Italy, we remind you that PlayStation 5 was able to record some very good sales in Japan. Moreover, in a document linked to the Activision x Microsoft deal, it emerged today that PlayStation sold two times as much as Xbox.


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