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A documentary will be released about the creation of Hogwarts’s Legacy, first trailer

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The premiere will take place before 2023; the movie will be free.

In parallel to the development of the action game “Ahgwarts Legacy” on the stage, a documentary film was published about the creation of the game. Though Hogwarts Legacy was released back in February, it was only now announced.

The film entitled The Wizardry for Hogwarts consists of detailed descriptions of the game. Fans will see interviews with developers, go behind the scenes, and learn about the creative process of Hogwarts, creators.

The creators of The Wizardry Behind Hogwarts Legacy emphasize this as a feature-length documentary; however, it hasn’t yet been disclosed. There’s no deadline, but it’s known that The Wizardry of the Hogwarts will be released before the end of the year.

The documentary will be available for free at Hogwarts.

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