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A few users downloaded Assassins Creed Jade and then uploaded it to 20 minutes

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More leaked material is from Assassins Creed Jadethe new episode of the famous Ubisoft series. It’ll debut on iOS and Android mobile devices.

It seems that the French company is struggling to extract the confidential information about the title set in China. Do you think that Tom Henderson, the well-known insider, even shared a link (currently it doesn’t seem to be working anymore) with which could be downloadable the earliest development of the game we saw in the first film that we were exposed to in action.

On YouTube, though, they have popped up two more films, revealing the mobile action-RPG in action. The first, which you can see here, shows the design of the character, and then, almost fifteen minutes, the player is unable to protect the village of Yongning from any attacker. The second, accessible here, will take place in Yangzhou, where the player leaps and steals a permit before taking a leap of faith into the district governor’s residence and steals it. The protagonist recalls his horse, and runs from the place.

In recent leaks, the Ezio Auditore will also deal with Assassins Creed Jade.


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