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A Handheld Gaming PC Emdoor That’s Shown With Intel Core Ultra Meta-Lake CPU is shown off

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Intel revealed the strengths of the next-generation Meteor Lake processor family last month and said that first products with these chips will start on December 14th. And much more, Meteor Lake has a technology that uses Intel 4 and is expected to produce the best day-zero yields in less than one decade. Of course, OEMs have been sampling the new processor for quite a while. Emdoor has given us its first step at this project: its Meteor Lake powered mobile gaming PC.

Designed by the Notebook Italia, this powerful module uses a Meteor Lake-H processor that will launch with Core Ultra branding. The first thing we noticed regarding the specs in his tablet is that a Core Ultra processor has 20 or 35 Watt TDP. For comparison, the Asus ROG Ally uses an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme CPU (10) to 25 Watts) while Valve Steam deck rise around 15-watt. The processor is paired with 328GB of memory-based storage and a 12TB PCIe drive.

That handheld gaming machine has an integrated Intel Arc Graphics 5. According to Intel, this new GPU gives two times the performance per watts of the previous generation Iris Ze Graphic design software. It’ll be used by the Arc Alchemist graphics core at present in advanced production formats Arc’s GPU is capable of a 8-inch display with 1920×1200 resolution.

At the same time that others on offer, it does look similar to handheld gaming machines: dual thumb sticks and a full-directional pad features front of hand; frontfacing buttons provide shoulder or pocket. The device looks very chunky, but it’s also expected to be crammed into an extremely portable form factor.

In a video posted by Laptop Italia, the 3G-GP080MTL runs God of War with relative ease.

Emdoor didn’t give up the official date for that EM-GP080MTL, but given how high production quality it is seen in this video. If only on its launch when first time Intels announced last month “the 14th Meteor”.

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