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A Japanese developer could’ve leaked the day of the next Nintendo Direct

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A Japanese developer and comedian could have leaked the date of the next Nintendo Direct in September, and it would have been very soon.

It seems that the second Direct, which as usual, will take place in the first half of september, has only been a prelude to the third.

In the last few years, there has almost always been a Nintendo Direct every September (even in the days of Wii U and 3DS) in which everyone will be ready to complete all the games at the end of the year and advance the games from the beginning of the year.

Adding to the recent rumors, a Japanese designer (and comedian) might have leaked the exact date of the presentation, which would be next week, the Thursday September 14 but it could also be Wednesday the 13th at night (and already Thursday in Japan).

The Nintendo Direct date for September will get closer and closer.

There’s Crystal Noda, a Japanese actor and comedian who only released his own party-style video games for Nintendo Switch, and who recently told Twitter that the Nodas next game will be announced on the next weekprobably Thursday, September 14.

Other Noda games were announced in the Nintendo Direct (only Japan broadcasts) therefore it is also agreeing to other insiders, such as Zippo or Nate the Hate, who declared there were some announcements soon.

The Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct showed a lot of new features, ready to be published and shown to PAX West attendees. That’s why it makes sense that Nintendo would want to decentralise its announcements, prioritizing Mario Wonder, and without rejecting the general Nintendo Direct in September, as usual.

This year, WarioWare: Move It!, Super Mario RPG Remake or Detective Pikachu 2 are yet to be released. At the beginning of the year, Luigis Mansion 2, Peachs and even Metroid Prime will be expected, the most popular game summer 2024 de Nintendo Switch.

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