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A legend is the deadly market

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The information shared by Hexworks relating to the post-launch support of Lords of the Fallen indicates the trust we felt in this ambitious game. Although the success of the title could be pushed off by the saturation of soulslikes.

With the number of soul-like video games available for the market, perhaps more than one fan of this genre wants to postpone (or even exclude) the purchase of Lords of the Fallen, despite the imminent arrival of Lies of P on the market and the community expectations for the expansion of the Elden Rings Shadow of the Erdtree.

In talking with PCGamesN, the creative director Caesar Virtus and the artistic director Alexandre Chaudret said they are perfectly aware of the danger which is represented by the saturatness of the soulslike market and with it, the fierce competition that prevails on. Yes, we’re concerned. So Virtuso admits before saying, we know to myself, that if we are real and offer an incredible experience to all of us, no one will be able to reach the depths we’ve reached.

Chaudret takes up his colleagues’ statements to highlight how we have to think about these aspects because of the business’s goal. To be fair, he would be better off on the day before the ’em. If we can give them a good game, then they will certainly be super happy.

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