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A lot: the long-awaited patch 1.04 introduces a few new fixes and accessibility options

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Nicolai Brelke | 08/13/2023 10:47 pm.

The Cat Adventure was given a new patch that introduces some bug fixes and several accessibility options. The update is available to download since the 10th of August.

The bluetwelve Studio released a new patch for their iconic feline adventure, Stray. After more than one year without further improvements, the version 1.04 has now been rolled out upon the Xbox release of the game, which was intended to further improve the gaming experience. There wasn’t any content improvement. The developers shared the official patch notes on Steam.

Fixed localization in multiple languages Added accessibility options for players who have difficulty with fast typing, including: Toggle button for running Toggle button for Defluxor Toggle button for shaking Zurks Added option to hide the cats death animation Fixed major one Number of crash triggers in different situations Fixed Audio decompression and stuttering errors in certain configs Collision and navmesh fixes throughout the game.

Developers continue to appreciate the cooperation of players.

The new update should be particularly pleasing for gamers who use animals most. Sadly, as I write BlueTwelve Studio, it’s too sad to see a cat die. Now there is the possibility of hiding this animation to save the player from this situation. Many of the new patches have been coming from the Stray Community. The developers encourage them to continue to see any mistakes in their game and to make suggestions for the improvement that help me to offer the best gaming experience.

Stray has been available on the Xbox 3 and Xbox 360 since July 1922. The Xbox One and X/S series were released on August 10, 2023. The cat adventure was nominated for several Game Awards 2022 and received widely widely accepted criticism from both critics and gamers.

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