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A loved Tom Hanks Holiday Film Rolls On To HBO Max Just in Time for the Holidays!

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Time of year to go to bed and watch Christmas movies. The Channel or Lifetime have tried to regain popularity from the genre, but a different streaming service apparently hopes to lead a musical process thanks to nostalgia by adding some animated films from 2004 to the library. Right, HBO Max allows subscribers to watch the uncanny film Tom Hanks, The Polar Express.

This story is based on a classic 1985 children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg (who also wrote Jumanji) to be written by himself. A little boy climbs the Polar Express and then to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. The father, the unnamed boy, begins the journey as a skeptic who doubts that Santa exists.

This movie is largely memorable for the CGI used. It created a strange animation style that made it a bit uneasy to watch Tom Hanks when it came out. The years since the movie was released haven’t really done it any favors; in the most dominant sense, Hanks and the rest of the film characters are still distractingly unnerving.

The Polar Express was created lovingly by a legend. This film was written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, who made Forrest Gump and the Back to the Future movie series.

In the other option it would be nice if it were the movie theater in your area with Santa Claus shows or those with The Polar Express if you would like to focus more on your kids, and then that movie theater in your area will do that for Christmas.


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