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A man claims that a comulsively playing Starfield saved his family’s life

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That curious story of a starfield player who managed to save his own life, but also that of his whole family, is reflected in this great coincidence.

We’ve gotten quite a few years since the original announcement of Starfield, causing those who have had early access to the product to have achieved most of this.

And the video game which we’ve been waiting for is going to be free for so long. But it’s not as soon as we can do it, so you can get some marathons on it, as many people have said during these first days of the game. Starfield.

We learned from Reddit a surprising story where a user could almost save his life and his family, thanks to playing Starfield during the early morning hours.

The user explains that he has previously reserved the premium edition, so that he has early access to Starfield, something he took advantage of constantly taking up many hours throughout the day, even at dawn.

That night, August 31 and the sun at night, he enjoyed the activities of the day, and notably at noon, it was a loud explosion on the ground below.

Hearing the explosion, he stopped the game, stepped out on the landing and saw immense flames raging up the stairs leading towards her own house.

In spite of this awaited rescue, he quickly went to safety and ran to the rescue. However, he suffered only minor burns during the escape process.

He says that his wife was sleeping in that night, and that all the doors were closed so that the smoke detector wouldn’t have gone off until the fire screamed inside the room.

The explosion that happened on the floor below seemed to be caused by the fact that the neighbor smoked the oxygen and was able to use the tanks to explode.

He now lets everyone rest, saying that his whole family is all fine, and that they are all safe in a room while still playing Starfield on Xbox.

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