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A Minor Witcher 3 NextGen Change makes Yen happier to the truth

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The sequel to the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been out for nearly a week now and many players have been diving in to see all the new features that CD Projekt RED has added. Not all updates were purely game-based or game-based. It becomes more evident that the developer built a solid game to see how the narrative can be improved, too.

The most emotional piece of Geralts and Yennefer have been through the Witcher series. Despite the book’s emphasis on Geralt being with Yennefer, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt might be the preferred romance. CD Projekt RED added an additional scene in the next-gen upgrade for players following the Yennefer romance path, proving that it could be considered the one true path.

Amidst the vail, Elaine was rewarded by their quest as they decide the course of the next step, but both Yennefer and Geralt will briefly kiss before she asks for his speedy return (though as of yet, her model didn’t really hit her mark, instead lodging her nose in her mouth). This kiss seems to be outwardly sung. This clip was recorded by xLetalis, the YouTube channel.

The newer saga’s 4th-gen Witcher: Wild Hunt upgrades don’t give much attention to the reworking of one of the legendary games, Winters Blade, for the lore of the characters.

The other change has surely benefitted everyone who traveling to Crows Perch in the new version, as the old fast travel marker was relocated properly in order to get the station out of the way.

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