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A moveable wall, energy shield and Gulag-style 1v1 ultimate are all key features for the new VALORANT agent Iso

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Look no further when you need your next duelist for main in VALORANT. Iso was introduced and will be the perfect agent in order to score on a battlefield with another opponent.

Iso is a new company. He came from China and was originally invented by prankstery who can control the ambient energy into toxic devices like that. His ability is the greatest fighter in the world, especially if anyone likes to test their intentions against enemies through head-to-3.

Next post’s gone.ISo, the newest Duelist Agent from China join us in Episode 7: Act III; pic (twitter) 1z5dbPgXUj-afiniq@gmailouth

VALORANT (SVORANT) Oct. 19-2023: 2023!

His ultimate quest, Kill Contract – is one of the most unique skill in games because his energy surges through maps; then with enemies hit to multidimensional arena by two players. In this arena, they will get caught in a single-versusone battle to death like the Gulags for popular game Call of Duty: Warzone.

Related Iso’ has a new agent and issuing an art leak. It gives us the clearest look at how can you miss duelist! VALORANTs next agent I’mo is an expert and can wipe entire squad with one round of bulletproof equipment.

As Iso’e, Double Tap started a Focus Timer for his time in line when complete with any unwanted items that you have removed or damage will drop the energy. Shooting a orb will give the agent an explosive shield which absorbs any damage from anywhere, whether it is based on Raze rocket firematter and headshotd by Vandal.

Iso’ll kill contract is the ultimate way to test your goal in VALORANT. Image on Riot Games.

If players are using the hammer Iso, there’ll become enemies who make them move through walls. The force of the action is to give your enemies an armor for some time. His C, on the other hand jiffs up an indestructible and relatively thin wall that blocks guns away.

With an indestructible moving wall, a damage shield and the ability to send players past Gulag will surely surprise us. Iso can be one of your most-contested pick when coming out on Monday afternoon’ll face off with his biggest score as early this month?

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