A new report suggests that the switch iteration was scrapped


With thanks to my Nintendo News for the information, a new report from Digital Foundry shines fresh light on the years of reports surrounding a supposed Switch Pro. The rumours on the switch have not started to be an exhaustive increase since the release of the Switch in 2017, the furore around an applicability of an available hardware iteration reached its height between 2019-2021, culminating in the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model.

This week Digital Foundrys John Linneman reignited rumours in an episode with Digital Foundry Direct Weekly, when he revealed a mid-generation hardware iteration was in the works but was eventually shelved (as long as there were no news on if it was actually called the Switch Pro or not). The cancellation could have been dragged down by the ship and the COVID-19 epoch or by the semiconductor shortage that has affected the PS5 and Xbox gaming.

In a statement on the show, Linneman explained, from what I can explain from talking to different developers [], there was one kind of mid-generation switch update planned at one point and it seems not happening anymore. It’s not too clear what they do next year will be the actual next generation hardware. Even though all the rumors should be a little salt, signs suggest that a next-generation Switch will appear later in the line, instead of smaller iterations in the new 3DS.

If you want to see the conversation in full, check out the full video below.

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