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A new study by Matthew Vaughn on why Taron Egerton should be Lex Luthor instead of Wolverine

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On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Vaughn was asked whether Egerton should play Wolverine. The director said that he didn’t feel the actor was bad for his character and I would be better served playing Lex Luthor.

I think he’ll be better, according to Mr. Luthor and Vaughn explained on the first page of this post He would be a phenomenal Luthor. I didn’t think he should be Wolverine. I think that he’s wrong for it. I think you must really go back to Hugh [Jackman]s brilliant as Wolverine, but if that’d be the case with some other people from this comic look rather small and so funny. That’s what I wish to do. I don’t know who it is but perhaps Hughs made it so iconic that if you go into the realization thatwhoever would try to do this version of Henry and Hansen is wrong, I think his [Egerton] would make an exceptional intelligent villain with depth.

Check out the interview below.

There is no more one as to Taron Egerton, who has the impression that he’ll play Wolverine in MCU?

In addition to Taron Egerton, a star frequently called for that role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is named Daniel Radcliffe. He said last week that he was fit, but didn’t play Wolverine for the purpose of getting fit.

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