A release for free of 235 million Twitter accounts


In the past week a hacker announced that he had 400 million followers who viewed Twitter. He said that if Elon Musk doesn’t buy this data, he’ll face the GDPR and be fined. In the news released today, the hacker free released the data for 235 million Twitter accounts.

More than 235 million twitter accounts can be posted.

The hacker released an offer to Elon Musk and couldn’t find a response, then published the data of 235 million twitter accounts free of charge, after a break of about a week. In fact, in the Dark Internet, user open 1,000 Twitter accounts to confirm that the data is real.

The hacker, called Ryushi, wants to prove these ideas to those who want to buy Twitter data in this way. Cybernews announced that leaked data are 63 GB in size. Twitter accounts contain much information, such as email addresses and telephone numbers.

The power of twitter moves.

The company, which did not go with the purchase process, reviewed its political advertising policy. Here are the facts.

A combined amount of 400 million Twitter accounts are also being seized, such as the official account of Elon Musks space company SpaceX, the owner of the platform and also former President Donald Trump, singer Shawn Mendes and Cara Delevingne.

The hacker, who discovered the account information, told Elon Musk to buy the stolen data and he threatened to go to jail for criminal action. Alon Gal, owner of the Cybercrime intelligence firm of the Israeli government, believes that Twitter data is compromised through APIs.

The pirate, named Ryushi, shares the following statement as the same :

If you read this, you’re already risking a GDPR penalty of over 5,4 million violations, considering the source of 400 million violations. If you’re not able to pay $276 million, the rate of fraud imposed by GDPR is at its worst, you’re choosing to purchase that data by private means.

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