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A significant part of CoD players are convinced that MW2’s guns havent been tuned for the time-to killing moves in their third game

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It got hard with Activisions new Call of Duty and doesn’t look like it will ever get better. In addition to the new days in Warfare, players are becoming used upto changes: one element of multiplayer has been consciously affected by power creepthe games weapons.

Frustrated players posted on social media this week confused because their fully-kitted weapons, which came across from MW2 aren’t very efficient in comparison to the latest generation of those that do it. Some think that games competitive changes like time-to-2 and body shot damage multipliers are blamed for the game.

Whether TTK inconsistency is real or am I going crazy? by U/ImmediateScar6516 inModernWarfareIII.

Earlier this year the Games announced that Sledgehammer has made an important decision to increase its player’s health by 150 points. Time to kill was the key of a debate. At that time, players were excited about an action such as that in motion would be made into reality for now and then it will continue underpinned by this new process being implemented successfully

However, it seems that the MW2 weapons weren’t adjusted to 100 HP values because of the higher health pools now used by players. One-third of weapons, blueprints and upgrades available to players are obsolete.

As far as every single of the [my MW2-wors] gets caught, one player said at being used for carrying on his weapons. This group believes that multiplayer players have to take more time and balance guns in order not to harm their individual abilities too much space or resources with all the same tools it will save you from losing everything they could get out of my arsenal-style weaponry! What was the point of bringing over OMD guns?

The most expensive ones in the game were stealing cash to obtain some of these weapons.

Others struggle for consistency among teams, instead believing that battles exist with aim assist and server quality at launch — but also with the netcode. It’s possible this can be explained by heavy server load given the overall popularity of CoD, with hopes that these problems just need to go on and recover.


MW3 players already frustrated by SBMM are keen to avoid matchmaking so they can exploit them.

After a poorly received campaign left it in play with multiplayer modes to restore faith through the MW3, many members of this community hasn’t been impressed yet. The fans aren’t happy, because of the impact on mid-match performance kicks and incompetence with pay to win operator skin. Heres hoping the season one update will bring about changes CoD players are asking for.

Dot Esports went to Sledgehammer regarding these weapons and server issues, but didn’T respond when they published the story.

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