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A smart user unofficially fixes one of the Windows problems that wastes desktop space

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Back in 2021, when Windows 11 was new, Microsoft acknowledged there were problems and promised better performance in 2022. Again in 2022, Microsoft’s Panos Panay reiterated that the company’s new operating system is designed to deliver the “highest quality.” Earlier this year, the tech giant also detailed the performance improvements it has delivered over the past year.

Unfortunately, however, evidence suggests that Windows 11 remains sluggish, as tests indicate that Windows 10 is generally more stable and the OS more responsive. However, things may change as Microsoft is apparently getting serious about fixing File Explorer’s performance and issues.

But there’s a lot of work to be done and Twitter user randomascii pointed out one of those UI quirks where the Action Center toast message takes up more space than the notification itself. They noted that while the notification window was 686 units tall, the visible height was much lower, only 520.

Another Twitter user Albacore was intrigued by this and took up the challenge to fix the problem. Using WinDbg, a Windows debugging tool, they eliminated 58 units from the toast message header.

Microsoft isn’t entirely resting on its laurels, as the latest build of Canary does upgrade the way the lock screen grid looks to improve UI consistency. Other build improvements include SMB NTLM blocking.

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