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A Special Hunter x Hunter video comes as a late Christmas present Next Week

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The season of giving is a time for the anime and manga lovers everywhere to rejoice. Their favorite series deliver great presents. While its going to be a bit late for the 25th of July, Hunter x Hunter will join the festivities by giving the fans a little entertainment. The official Shonen Jump YouTube channel will release a special video on Dec. 26th.

We know where it is found right now, and so anyone who is hyped for it can keep the video open until its time. All can look forward to seeing this video live at 1 PM on Dec. 26.

Now that the video will contain exactly, it isn’t known what it will appear. To have a post t-remark on the YouTube channel, he says this will focus on a specific Nen Ability shown off in the recent Hunter x Hunter Chapter.

HUNTER TERPV!!122618https://t.co./2OOT31URie# # pic.twitter.com/DynfuG9sdF.

YouTube (@jumpch.youtube) December 23, 2022.

It seems that this announcement is done right, and as such Hunters and Hunter fans still feel the sting of recent news that the manga is heading back to normal soon after chapter 400 is launched. In order to accommodate the love of the legendary mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi, the series is going to follow a non-weekly release format for new chapters when it returns. The date of the return isn’t known, however.

In the briefing, togashi mentioned that his book is already written for the year following the death of the child. We already know that there are approximately 30 scripts ready to be drawn and published, so there might be more than that. With this in mind, there is probably a solid lot of Hunter x Hunter story to tell.


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