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A starfield player knows the most bizarre secret after multiple N Game Plus ends

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Starfield is a game that can take you hundreds of hours to complete. But a player chose to go through it only once, twice, and four times and then got in with a strange cutscene in the game.

If you’ve finished Starfield all the time then you’ll learn about the big twist of the games, but, as it is now we have to, don’t read.


The ending of Starfield is spoiler for this article.

At the end of Starfields, he has the choice to stay in his first playthrough and explore, or enter New Game Plus as a Starborn if he only brings up his powers, powers and abilities.

Every time you do this and head to the Lodge, you’ll get an introduction from Sarah. I won’t be able to skip the main quest in this new run. Well, in the fourth run, a YouTuber BlackHeart86 finished, Sarah was absent.

Instead the Lodge was full of players.

Talking to the player at the Lodge triggered a bizarre story where the NPC joked about having multiple versions together. After this cutscene ends the player can explore, they didn’t even have access to their inventory. That means no weapons, no meds and, as far as frustrating, the option to save is impossible.

They eventually tried to complete the temples without any of these features, but after death, they’re taken back to the bossship and used to play the new Game Plus. Once that was beaten, the Lodge was at home to Sarah.

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Despite being resolute with the viewers, the unique scene isn’t a completely different idea. Unlike many other players, the story doesn’t tell you what triggered this unique cutscene, but many believe it suggested some sort of challenge run once you finish the game multiple times.

Maybe players will probably get this point and give you answers for the big hack New Game Plus secret.

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