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A superstar mid-solde and the Worlds finals MVP has joined LNG Esports for 2023

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After six memorable years with Edward Gaming, one of the most talented players in League of Legends has begun a new chapter of competitive adventure in 2023.

In 2016, Lee Scout Ye-chan officially joined GED today, ending his extensive tenure with DG since then. This isn’t the third team so far in Scouts career after playing in the SK Telecom T1 as a trainee for the beginning of his career.

[LNG LoL Roster Update]We’re glad to announce that Lee Scout Ye-chan, the former EDG Mid Laner has official joined #LNG as a free agent four times league championship was a proof of his 8 years dedicated heart! With the FTP of Worlds2021, the chapter of 2023 LNG has begun pic.twitter.com/KSgVhZPK78.

LNG Esports (@LNG_Esports) December 29, 2022

The 24-year-old star is expected to join Korean superstar Lee Tarzan Seung-yong on the roster as they both plan to stay in the NL for a year. This exciting mid-jungle duo will guide the younger, inexperienced members of their team as they are looking at reaching new heights during international events.

Scout is an effective mid-lane leader and has the most experience from his many playoff appearances and attendance at the Mid-Season Invitational and the World Championship. He scored his greatest feat with winning the Summoners Cup in 2021, and also a finalist for his efforts.

In the past year, the final champions, DRX, eliminated EDGs at Worlds. Even though Scout managed to earn third most average damage to the champions in the tournaments main stage, with the highest level owing to his role, Oracles Elixir scored fourth-most kills in his role. He also has a wide champion pool with 13 champions over the weekend, making him one of the most versatile players in the league.

If Scout’s new lineup will succeed, he’ll need to raise his playing to a higher level. If Tarzan and he find the right amount of synergy early into the new year, LNG could be a sleeper pick for a deep run into the 2023 LPL Spring Split playoffs.

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