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A trailer from Uma Musume in October airs the ‘Village 3’ title

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Anime Urusei Yatsura Season 2 Tayang Perdana January 2024.

Dimas Galih Putrawan 30. Aug 2023 15:00 p.m.

Bandung Urusei Yatsura, a series of anime reboots by Rumiko Takahashi, will come back with a second season. The production committee released a new visual which features many characters and determined that the second season will start in January 2024.

The reboot version of the anime series Urusei Yatsura was first available on Fuji TVs Noitamina in October 2022. The first season lasted for two years, but remained until March 2023. The reboot version will adapt the series’ many stories and last for four different classes (46 episodes).

Urusei Yatsura returns to small screens January 2024.

In addition to the second season of the Urusei Yatsura will debut in January 2024 on the Noitamina block on Fuji TV, in January 20, 24, 22. Though the producer lobbied the announcement of the schedule, a new visual show appears in the screenprint of Lum and her friends, which includes characters that haven’t yet appeared in the anime.

Of course, David Production will be responsible for producing the second season, Takahiro Kamei as director and Yuko Kakihara as director. The composition is composed by Masaru Yokohama.

Sumire Uesaka will give up with the voice Lum, the main character who is an oni. In the meantime, Hiroshi Kamiya returns to Ataru, main male character.

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Based on Rumiko Takahashi, the classic manga was first written by the artist.

For those that don’t know, Urusei Yatsura is originally from Rumiko Takahashi’s classic manga series. The manga series is Takahashis first and goes on the hook to write the films Ranma, Inuyasha and Rin-ne.

Urusei Yatsura became first publicized in September 1978 in Shogakukans Weekly, before ending in February 1987. The first anime series, produced by Pierrot and Studio Deen, began from 1981 to 1986 and included 195 episodes.

Urusei Yatsura Season 2 is due to premiere in January 2024 on the Noitamina TV show in Japan. The production committee will share a lot more details about the date of the movie’s opening. You can catch up the whole season 1 on Bstation.

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