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Abomi Nation To Release On Consoles In late September

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The development team of Orange Pylon Games and the publisher Dangen Entertainment confirmed that Abomi Nation will be released later this month. The game has been inspired by the Nuzlocke challenge, where you’ll enter a world with roguelite mechanics and a few extra bits of spice that will bring a new twist on the genre. The game will be released on September 28 for both the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. Enjoy the trailer and the info below.

Credit: Dangen Entertainment

“In the changing world of Abomi Nation, neither teams nor teams are alike, so the playthrough is a very unique and fun experience. The island of the Abomi Nation is a living entity, transforming and running with each other. Adventurers will always face new challenges, new towns, innovative technologies, and more discoveries as they explore the evolving environment. Players can unlock new Abomi forms, explore new areas, and access a wide variety of items in successive actions. The main character of the Abomi Nation is the turn-based combat system, where the knowledge of elements, the strengths and weaknesses of enemies is necessary to success. With over 175 enchanting ‘Abomis’ to befriend, players could build their dream team, each member of the Abomi offering unique abilities and charm. Learn all the devastating items from: “Infernal Blast” and “Quivering Quake” or “Strong” and bring them up with moves like “Speech!

When the player’s adventure progresses, the bond between any other abolis grows, which makes them behave differently when their friends are in danger. Abomis have different personalities and this will affect how many Abomis respond to the same situation. Players are able to help their team stay competitive by eating together, playing mini-games and participating in other types of events of friendly communities. Players have the courage to adjust their journey according to their preferences. Anyone seeking the thrill of permadeath or a more relaxed adventure can choose Abomi Nation to suit the player’s gaming style.

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