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About Bruce Lee is going to release a fantasy film in 2024

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Studio Shibuya and company Bruce Lee Entertainment announced for 2024 anime about Bruce Lee in a fantasy setting. The final day of the release coincides with the 50th anniversary of the opening of the film Entering the Dragon, which became one of the most popular films by the participation of this actor. Among those who created the series were Kelly and Shannon Lee’s daughter, Laura. The project was named “The House of Lee” and was non-autobiographical, according to the creators. According to the company, Bruce Lee Entertainment has long dreamed about making an anime about the legendary Hong Kong and American actor and has high expectations for this project.

The network posted the first teaser in the series, showing the graphic style. The title is much old-school, so judging from the video presented, it’s a very interesting way to portray anime from the 90s. But the creators may change the graphics a little during the production process. A fantasy action anime tells the story of martial artist Bruce Lee, who must gather his dragon warriors so he can save the world from darkness. A famous quote made a lot of sense for the creators of the show, but the reader would never be surprised because he is walking in darkness.

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