Accidentally clicked ‘delete for me’ on WhatsApp? Meta now has a solution


From launching avatars to allowing users to chat with themselves on WhatsApp, the Meta-owned company has recently made a lot of announcements about new features coming to the platform. We’re once again getting to know directly from WhatsApp about a new feature that can come in handy when you accidentally hit the ‘delete for me’ button while chatting with someone.

WhatsApp undelete for me

Will Cathcart, Chief of Staff and WhatsApp, took to Twitter to announce that WhatsApp users can now disable ‘Delete for me’ when they accidentally click this button. It has happened to many of us that we mean to click the ‘Delete for everyone’ button but end up clicking on ‘Delete for me’. It can be frustrating, and understandably so. Until now, you couldn’t make a message disappear from recipients’ chats once you hit Delete for Me, because the message disappeared into your chat.

The option to turn off ‘Delete for me’ will give you another chance to choose the right option. After you undelete, you’ll see three options again: ‘Delete for everyone’, ‘Delete for me’ and ‘Cancel’. You should be alert to the possibility of making the same mistake even after disabling Delete for Me. be careful!

WhatsApp claims to have added the ‘Cancel’ option to Messenger chat, but don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen it on your phone yet. A time-honored practice of WhatsApp is claiming that new features are rolling out even when they aren’t. However, Android and iOS users should get the Cancel option in the next couple of weeks, which isn’t a big deal.


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