According to a new report by the company, the remake of Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5 will go on the same road as the original that the company made the original attempt


In spite of Sony’s recent PlayStation idea, talk about an remake or a remake of the Zero Dawn remake for PS5. A well-known journalist/insider reports that the project won’t likely be developed by Guerrilla Games directly.

This is reported by Colin Moriarty, a character who’s always close to the PlayStation medium and was host of Kinda Funny, and, on his Sacred Symbols podcast, returned to the conversation about the alleged remake of Horizon Zero Dawn for PS5 revealing a bit of the complex.

Moriarty can’t confirm for sure the details of the project in question, but claims that it’s not being completely developed by Guerrilla Games. According to an anonymous source, he is unsure who this is an old movie.

This will likely open up the Guerrilla team for further projects that may be in the works, in addition to the already announced Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is in co-production with the team. The game horizon zero dawn will likely be entrusted to another team.


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