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Activision Blizzard has discussed its achievements for 2022 in a new video

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Activision Blizzard posted on her YouTube channel a video in which she discussed 2022’s achievements.

The creators of that video focused heavily on the many events that took place during a publicity campaign. When Activision took the dedicated Candy Crash Party held in the New York address to honour the decade of the popular mobile game, he reminded fans Call of Duty of a tanker plowing the sea with graffiti based on World War II and the launch of an Olympic trophy for the series. In addition, the publisher didn’t forget about recent events, such as the performance of the singer Holsey on The Games Awards 2022, as part of an advertising campaign called Diablo IV. Not without mentioning the deal with Microsoft, which is planning to acquire the publishing house for a record 69 billion dollars. The monopoly is caused by many scandals, checks, and even complaints to the court by ordinary players who are frustrated with the monopolization. Activision promised many more news and events in 2023. And as we recall, Blizzard, reorganized and planned on having more games, became known for several months and a responsible employee was hired for each of the major franchises. One of them was a studio veteran Chris Metzenwho returned to the team after six years off.

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