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Activision Blizzard: Xbox dominance justifies the purchase, says Microsoft

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Microsoft is convinced that the dominance of the PlayStation by itself would allow the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

The market dominance and dominance of the PlayStation in the console market makes an acquisition of Activision Blizzard acceptable, at least according to CEO Brad Smith.

In the annual shareholder meeting, according to Bloomberg, the president and vice-chairman of Microsoft made the following statement.

The FTC case is based in whole on a market that had identified two companies and two products that were two companies and two products, the PlayStation and the Xbox. So as we look at the world market, Sony has a 70 percent stake and we have a 30 percent share. So, the judge must decide whether the FTCs lawsuit promotes competition or that it seeks to protect its biggest competitor from competition.

Smith also mentioned the number of exclusive games PlayStation has released against Xbox. Currently it’s 286 exclusive PlayStation games, as is 59 exclusive Xbox games. SONY has almost five times as many exclusive games as SONY has, says Brad Smith.

They also agreed to continue publishing Call of Duty for PlayStation and even offered a ten-year contract. The release in the PlayStation Plus range would even be possible. SONY received a binding agreement in all the time.

Even though Brad Smith’s account was not so strong, the FTC didn’t listen to Microsoft to talk about Microsoft’s plans and their concerns: he explained that the FTC did not even listen to what Microsoft was saying.

I’m not surprised that I had to fight this case at a judge, because I’ve a lot of confidence in this case, Smith said Tuesday at Microsoft’s annual shareholder meeting. I was disappointed that the FTC didn’t even allow us to sit down and talk through our proposal, to see if there was a resolution.

The FTC will block the takeover by Microsoft earlier this year. Microsoft, on the other hand, believes this acquisition benefits both competition and consumer as it will help more players play faster through cloud and subscription services.

Several different people got on the line with the call of duty agreement they had with Nintendo, misleading it.

Phil Spencer said that SONY was disappointing, adding that the PlayStation officials are reluctant to sit down and prefer to speak with the regulators, and said SONY would only be opposed to the deal. Phil Spencer further stated that SONY is trying to keep growing by keeping the Xbox small.

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