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Activision reveals gameplay trailer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and lots of details

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As promised, Activision has announced a ton of details for the next game in its hit military first person shooter franchise: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, That includes the first gameplay trailer hinting at what we can expect from the single-player campaign mission.

Activision’s blog post about Modern Warfare 3 has tons of details, so we will just hit the highlights here. The campaign will be a direct sequel to the story events in 2022’s Modern Warfare II. It will also include Open Combat Missions, where players can use more than one method to complete a section of the campaign.

The multiplayer part of the game will include new versions of all the maps that were made for the 2009 edition of Modern Warfare 2. Activision says:

All 16 launch maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) have been modernized, both graphically and with meticulous attention given to the authenticity and aspects of the maps that made them so popular. Veteran players love these Core 6v6 maps, and there’s no better time to introduce a generation of new players to experience the community’s favorite Modern Warfare content.

There will also be four large all new multiplayer maps in the game and a new Cutthroat 3v3v3 gameplay mode, among other editions.

zombies in call of duty call of warfare 3

The game will also include a new Zombies mode, which will be the first time the popular multiplayer mode will be included in the rebooted Modern Warfare game series. It will also be an open-world experience for the first time. Activision says:

Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) tells an involved and unearthly Dark Aether Zombies story set in the Modern Warfare universe. Expect to undertake missions across different regions that escalate in difficulty, with core Zombies features and a cavalcade of secrets to discover. Ready up for an open-world player versus enemy (PvE) extraction survival experience against some of the biggest enemies in Call of Duty history.

There’s a lot more to the game so check out the blog post to get additional information. The game is due out on November 10 for the PC (via Steam and Battle.net), the PS4 and PS5, and the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S consoles. You can go ahead and pre-order the Xbox versions now. They will include access to the open beta, and a way to play the game several days earlier.

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