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Activision-Xbox: Microsoft won’t be able to acquire Ubisoft in the ten next years

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In one of the passages of the document produced by the CMA after the reimbursement of the agreement between Activision and Microsoft, the Redmond house is committed to not attempting to reach Ubisoft for the next ten years.

The lawyers at the United States-based technology giant made the United States the most difficult for them to deal with in the past ten years to take advantage of the new developments in the market.

As we read from the CMA document, Microsoft promised not to acquire shares (and minority) of Ubisoft in the decade following the marriage of Activision. With the sales of Activisions cloud rights to Ubisoft, the partners of the transalpine publisher and developer are sure to not see Ubisoft itself joined the already vast family of companies that have managed by Microsoft at least until 2034.


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