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Additionally, Lords of the Fallen Patch uses VRAM lessened to provide improved performance

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Hexworks has released updates for its Soulslike action RPG Lord of the Fallen – with all other releases offering new performance improvements. The aim of this project is to open up the network and provide more headroom for GPUs that will only use their capabilities.

You can adjust Soulflay texture sizes and materials to make it easier for GPUs handle, reworking the elements in order of loading up anchor images at times when they interact with Vestige. Various textures, reduced VRAM consumption by 10 percent and better memory content was reduced to 16 centimeter.

The update is useful at a crash site, as well: either the SPC-friendly or even non-sponsible times are in this category. New Game Plus also makes it special. Click on the full update notes and see more details.

Lords of the Fallen has available for Xbox-Serie X/S, PS5 and PC. He dropped fourth on the physical sales charts of Britain. You can read our reviews and some tips.

Patch v.1.1.203


  • Fixed an accident, which could occur when a NPC spoke in very specific conditions.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when enemies were targeted by players with some of their abilities.
  • Fixed a rare crash that might occur when people interact with certain items in game.
  • The abus on some Niagara particles made it difficult to keep an eye out for something that crashed.
  • Fixed an accident that was possible when someone running out of ammo and trying to play action that consumes.
  • Fixed a rare crash, because players were spawning in multiplayer by the host when their client isn’t fully ready.
  • Fixed a rare crash that can occur when the anchor is repaired.
  • Fixed a crash while being invaded by an attacker. When connected at the right time, that player loses his connection with it accidentally or otherwise:
  • Moved 2 parameters from local saves to settings, so you could use more configurable options for GeForce Experience.


  • Adapted Soulflay texture and material to make it easier for the GPUs, in order of handling VRM.
  • We reworked some new ways of working, to improve memory.
  • Reduced memory for environment interaction, to use less than 16MB of memory.
  • Anchor images are now loaded only when they interact with the vestiges.
  • There were a few textures in the game that reduced your VRAM consumption by almost 10MB.


  • The parasites of Crimson Rectors won’t cause any harrowing reaction on the player.


  • Sparky is experiencing some new dialogue.


  • Various factors in the balance between bosses and regions has been made, especially when players enter games like that. We felt like we’re very enthusiastic and the previous curve was too steep.
  • Molhu has decided to lower the price of seeds in his store from 22,500 vigor on one200.


  • Fixed player behaviour during interactions with NPCs and vendor screens, which could lead to weird orientation.
  • Modified Vestige interactions make it possible for the camera to move while using the vestige.


  • Fixed a small crash bump that could cause AIs to get stuck near Agathas vestige.
  • A missing Umbral navmesh in the Pilgrims Perch East section would stop residents seeking players.
  • At the skyrest bridge, fixed a small ground issue.


  • A secret boss ‘abral nail attack’ is optimized for AMD cards.
  • Adjusted banners FX angle that may sometimes be rotate-out.
  • Reworked both poison and Umbral mists to appear better, with the concern over pixelization in some streams.
  • Improved barrage of Echoes spell.
  • Steps VFX are gone as far back then when off-screen instead of frozen but still calculated.
  • The lightreaper jump attack particles made it even more spectacular.
  • Skinning issues were fixed for a very important sword.
  • Crossbowmen have fewer visible and persistent roads, increasing visibility to direction.


  • Changed the length of online sessions passwords to 8 characters; players typically use 4-6 words per second.
  • Added additional sounds to the splash screen.
  • Now, if you enable ammo or spells that cannot be used so the (X) button is displayed in your widget.
  • Fixed a bug where the character pop-up didn’t have to be closed with gamepad when it opened.
  • It didn’t work well on some devices, however it switched any button shows (A) to skip in cinematics.

3D Photoshop has three types of animations.

  • I fixed an issue where the camera of a saved 3D scene could be in wrong position. The failsafes did not prevent this happening again at all, so added new failurey safeguardments to eliminate the danger from happening on three-dimensional photography devices and with no special warning technology (like AI), were damaged by decrementation damage for the image as possible.
  • Fixed a bug where the current view of doors (opened/closed) and other interoperable items were not saved in 3D images.

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