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Adin Ross claims Kanye West was on antisemitic rant while Twitch negotiations

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An phone call between Adin Ross and Kanye West linked the two men with disturbing antisemitism claims the Twitch star.

Many viewers of Adin Ross were excited to see Kanye West at his Twitch channel. The band wanted to know more about what the rapper would say this time.

Ross was naive about having him on his channel, but the circumstances quickly turned worse, when he began to finish his final preparations.

In recent streams, Ross revealed that without giving any specific reason he won’t be sitting with Kanye, other than that he won’t have a platform used to spread hate.

Then the following week, on December 20, Ross appeared on the Dj Akademiks Podcast and decided to reveal why the rapper didn’t finally join him on Twitch.

The streamer said that while he was texting with Kanye, he said something that could upset the rapper and make him think Ross was an enemy.

Rand didn’t reveal what he said to Kanye, and only the rappers reaction was, who allegedly said that you Jews won’t tell me what I can and can’t say.

That’s the last time the two men spoke according to Ross, as he decided against trying to get the rapper in for a Twitch interview.

The streamer also denied the fact that the stream was shut down by Twitch or higher-ups, insisting that his last interaction with Kanye was actually the cause.

The majority of his fans were shocked that Ross announced on his Twitch channel that he would have had Kanye.

The streamer doesn’t just interact with controversial people, he has previously teamed up with Andrew Tate.

There was one man who tried to make Tate smile. That person put his face in a bald cap so that he felt familiar with the word, and in it he did not realize that he was a villain.

Although Kanye won’t join Adin Ross on Twitch, he still seems to have an open invitation from Hasanabi, whos previously told a soulbeat that he’d have him on his podcast.

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