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Adobe Express Cloud Platform gets FireFly-Generative AI features

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After several months of testing, Adobe announced that its Express cloud solutions based on its proprietary Firefly generative AI model are adding features. It’s a form of Adobe Express, as well as Adobe Spark. It’s designed to make content creation more accessible to users without professional development experience. This platform features easy templates for creating a collection of illustrations and posters, and video production.

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The version of Adobe Express for PC is now available and the mobile version is scheduled for release in the near future. The platform offers different plans for tariff:

Free basic, with limited functionality; Premium for $9.99 per month with access to additional features and resources; this option is free for Creative Cloud subscribers; Enterprise, offered for small teams that need to support collaborative workflows.

A new version of Adobe Express was introduced in 2021, but the introduction of AI features didn’t begin until June of this year. With the latest version of this software, you can create the images and text effects using text prompts in over 100 languages. In Express Express’ latest version, quick actions like the automatic background removal and simple character character animation, are also included. For complete list of new features, visit the Adobe website.

Express users can create custom text and image effects.

Adobe Express has been created, while a counterweight to the design platforms Canva and Microsoft Designer, and eventually proved in the position of becoming a telecommunication platform. So, Canva began using AI-powered features in 2016 with the introduction of an automatic background removal tool, which often makes it possible for users to quickly delete more complex graphics such as Photoshop.

Of course the generative features of Adobe Express are inferior to Photoshop. Instead, Adobe provides assurance that Expresss generative AI model is fully trained on Adobe-owned content, a way that can convince some users to use this product.

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