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Advanced Core 6 players found the most epic way to decide PvP brawls

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After avoiding guns, the missile launchers and the lasers, two members of the Army’s core 6-level team decided the only way to decide their already amazing duel was to turn off their weapons and create a battle mano with their fists.

The gamers posted their brutal opponent’s confrontation on Aug. 29 to Reddit.

As the battling players took on an epic soundtrack, the first mechbelieved the Purge option for Reddit gamer Khaoshit, blaming their shoulder and arm mounted guns and rockets and deciding to move into the battlefield.

PVP is very fun by U/___Khaos__ in armoredcore.

A second attack, his AC6, who paused, purged their weapons before engaging in a jet-fueled fistfight for ages, seemed like an anime era. Both players scoured the desert arena and then started a Boost Kick to deal massive damage.

Landing grapples and melee hits are pretty tough in PvP, but these two legends made it seem effortless while taking the time to dodge and weave around one another. In final, Khaos, who emerged winctorious, finished with a boo-kit, ran out of AP with little remaining to spare.

Spectators were at the point of the duel, with one player very happy that the two ACs used different generators, meaning they were different from each other based on their color. Another particularly enjoyed the pause before the battle began, each AC ejecting their weapons before charging headfirst into the battle.

When ammo is depleted, weapons in AC6 automatically purge but by making up the Weight Control Operating System, the machine can clean all the parts wherever you want. The advantages include getting a softer speed, reducing the weight of the components and increasing your ACs, as well as improving efficiency.

In regards to Boost Kick, many times we have mentioned that this tuning option is beneficial from the beginning. Boost Kick should be one of the first OS Tuning upgrades you pay for, even if you don’t plan to use it to PvP. Having a high level of damage and stagger potential, the upgrading can be very costly, but it is not so easy for you. It’s also just need to give Boost instead of ammo.

Although we don’t recommend taking your weapons seriously, not simply dropping into the PvP and purging your weapons. You can remember it a lot.

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