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Advent Calendar: Gate 22 closed with EPOS H6PRO gaming headset and more

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What’s up for grabs today and share it with his friends.

He has a SOS-based TV-Pod, which is a total of 17,99 euros.

This wireless headset uses an intuitive microphone, durable, durable material, and durable safety for a immersive gaming experience.

With the breathable construction, the front arm, two-axis adjustable ear cups and memory foam-based ear cushions, the gaming game is equipped with the newest technology, including the Adaptor’s Adapter, so that gamers can easily take a whole lot of time during gaming.

With a bit of luck, the headset whose enclosures are compatible with Mac, PS4, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, you will be able to use the H6PRO device.

It keeps on with 1x Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition: 1x Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

IX Evil Dead The game:

One for All in One: A World Apart: one for the first time.

1x adolescent.

1x Lacuna A sci-fi adventure by Blanca.

And five times from the bug school:

On the following list, you can find out what prizes are up for grab today – the ones on the market here:

H6PRO Closed in wei Headset. Recommendation 2: The Hexenkonigin Deluxe Edition. Evil Dead: A game of the game taking place at 18 o’clock. Endzone: The other side of the world. Ultimate Adom For example, The Catwalk (an acrobat) and The Catwalks (catfish) are a sci-fi adventure. Five x Bugsacademie

Process: Every day we open the door of the advent calendar to a news.

Any winner will be informed of their prize by private mail.

We will immediately exclude from the draw any spammy account which leaves behind a hack and, if necessary, block it.

The general terms and conditions apply all sweepstakes.

If you wish to continue to support us in the future, leave a Follow on our channels and share that little door with your friends:

This calendar is the foundation for your support and trust in us.

You can also win a rare Fallout and limited edition edition. Click here for the raffle.

However, this is not all. You can also win a Gotham Knights Collectors Edition, worth 399.99 euros (RRP) until December 24 2022. Click here for the raffle.

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