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AFC, Endes, CF-24: What are your chances of reaching the card of your dreams in FUT packs?

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A video from The Final Fantasy, The Second Quarter, June 22.

Published on 21st February, 2017, at 8 o’clock.

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In EA Sports FC you’ll have some luck that’ll play. Of course, they’ve seen that videos of players who can easily achieve a good job with opening packs. But, on the whole, what are your chances of having these kinds of players? This is what we will reveal to you in this article!

We have no odds for the 24th of the A Sports Championship.

Let’s start by revealing you that we won’t be able to give you all the statistics for all the games on EA Sports FC 24. They’re already a lot of them, but an example from these were not the chances.

On the other hand, we can only encourage you to read these packs. In the end, you will find elements, such as the fact that there’s perhaps a guarantee of having an players of certain levels. This is generally a fairly common concern with this type of item.

If you happen to have a player of this level guaranteed, it would likely cost a lot more, but that is still interesting to come across a player who could join your team.

A preview of the randomity of the ultimate team to counter the effects of randomness on the Ultimate team.

In addition to that, you’ll have the chance to go launch a pack draw once every 24 hours without paying a cent. The nickname “priority” is inscribed; we advise you to use as much as possible to make it as profitable as possible.

The idea is simple: if you ever have very poor quality players, you’ll have to wait until next day to restart the preview. Regardless of the fact that you’ve made huge progress, you can either sell them or add them to your team.

You are keen to sell them and you have to try to study the transfer market before making a purchase. The dummy is worth 7500 credit, we encourage you to buy it only if the featured player sells at least that price on the market. You’ll be sure of making profits.

Which is the most profitable of the classic FUT packs?

Now that all of that has been covered, let’s look at these famous classic packs for a closer look at. Let’s start by giving you the figures for Silver and Bronze. They aren’t the most sought-after, but it is always worth trying to know what they’re worth.

Gold (750 credits)

45+ Bronze : 100% 62+ Bronze : 82% 62+ Bronze : 35 %.

Silver Pack (3750 Credits or 75 Credits)

65 and over. 100% 72 and 48%74 and 1% more.

But what will interest us here are the Gold and, most important, the difference between the classic and the one with only players. This was twice the price of the first two, and was the price worth it in terms of the chance of having rare cards?

Gold Pack (500 credit points or 150 points)

75+, : 100%82+, ; 29.9%86+, 7,7% – 70+, 70+ or 69+.

Gold Player Pack (15,000 Credits or 350 FC Points)

75 or 100%84 or 75%86 or 7,5%.

In summary, if you want to have the best players, it should be better to go with the classic pack with little less chance of dropping on 86+. The players pack offers a 75% chance of getting one, the classic giving you more than 20%.


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