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After Alan Wake 2, What Happened in the Alan and Janet Wake Story?

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After a 10 year hiatus, the Alan Wake story is finally continuing with the release of its first novel entitled The Big Ball: October 27-23. The much anticipated sequel will finally solve the many mysteries and secrets lurking inside Bright Falls. Whether you’re a newcomer or an older fan who hasnt played the Remedy thriller in several years, there may be some more time to review the games mind-bending characters. Here is everything that happened in Alan Wake, so you can dive into Second part without confusion.

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The story of Alan Wake explained how to make a difference.

At the beginning of story, Alan Wake is accompanied by an unusual dream to explore which shadow creature chases him. This is a light entity which guides him through the darkness. After waking up, Alan and his wife Alice arrive in Bright Falls near the small mountain town. The opening explains that the best-selling author has been struggling with writers block and can’t make anything in two years. To escape the funk, Alan Wake decided to take vacation because of his rise in pressure on his publisher.

The odd nature of Bright Falls is displaying rapidly when Alan Wake visits the Oh Deer diners, inspired by Twin Peaks and where he gets keys to his cabin from Carl Stucky. I don’t like to greet the landowner but he is introduced by an anonymous black woman who gave him instructions on how traveling with him into Cauldron Lake. However, it revealed that Alan Wake was met with the wrong person after Carl Stucky stumbled out of his diner looking disheveled.

The author and his wife drive to the remote cabin, which is literally in front of a huge lake. Though Alice admits that she actually booked the trip so Alan Wake could try to write again, her romantic getaway is ruined. Furious, he storms outside and walks to the next dock. Alice screamed in terror from inside the cabin. She had no idea how quick she was to get his head off by clearing her head at sea, but never seen him back home for days now! After finding out something had brought her into the lake, his author dives to see what was in a murky body of water and chased for his love. Because of being underwater, Alan Wake wakes up in his car that crashed into a tree.

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The story of Alan Wake is beginning to get weird, as soon come the author finds loose pages and short stories scattered across Bright Falls that predict future. The author then realizes that he’ll live the events written in an American novel called Departure. He’s been attacked by a shadowy company called the Taken while searching for his wife. After reporting to the local police of his missing wife, Sherif Breaker reveals for our protagonist that its cabin in Cauldron Lake hasn’t existed all my life. At midnight, Alan Wake follows by the arrow to his vacation home now missing.

Alan Wakes agent and close friend, Barry is arriving at Bright Falls to help him find his wife. The author, who was in the police station and a mysterious man claims they kidnapped Alice but that his father still wants to return her. We eventually learned that the kidnapper is an actor hired by harrow’s local doctor, Emil Hartman. According to the psychiatrist, he worked with Alice in order for his writing out of their funk. During this situation, the FBI agent Robert Nightingale has arrived in Bright Falls and follows Alan Wake who is suspicious of being behind recent attacks on Cityscapes. When our protagonist learns about the fake kidnapping plot, he and his actor’ll be attacked by blackmen as they were caught in dark.

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Alan Wake wakes up at the psychiatric facility of doctor Emil Hartman, who claims that her wife had died from mental health issues. The author, however teaches me that the psychiatrist really knows what dark things are inside of town and escapes from his base with help. In the sequel, it reveals huge facts such as stories. The shadowy swarm that Alan Wake has been fighting is called the Dark Presence. There it lives in Cauldron Lake, this strange creature happens to be blinded away by his eyes and can’t go over these paths when they walk through her dark bodies! The monster’s death is due to fiction and will make the words written. In the past, it had previously tried to escape in which a poet named Thomas Zane wrote about his work. When we find out the black woman who began playing against the cow, it’s Zanes wife and a Jagger that tragically drowned in this lake.

To protect the Dark Presence, Zane used his own writing against this monster and caused the volcano to explode in Cauldron Lake. The destruction took place leaving that creature trapped inside water! Thomas Zane is also the light entity who has been visiting our protagonist in his dreams and guiding him throughout this story. After this revelation, Alan Wake remembers that he was the first to write the Departure manuscript and then why for decades in the city it has been used as a corrupted word.

The story will wrap up with Alan confronting the creature in a lake called dark place. After destroying the woman in black, author can release Alice by finishing his Departure novel. Unfortunately, Alan Wake sacrificed his wife to rescue him and is now trapped in the Cauldron Lake. Alan Wake story ends with the author telling players that Dark Place isn’t actually a lake, but rather an ocean.

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Alan Wake Specials: The Signal and the Writer.

Remedy released two DVD expansion episodes called The Signal and Writer. Both episodes are focusing on Alan Wake story and reveal what happened to the author after being trapped in his lake. In The Signal, Alan discovers his own personality is a reason for him being stuck in the dark. The protagonist must confront his dark, paralyzed version of herself. The DLC is a big move for us. It does not make it clear what the dark place is and will explore Alan Wake’s emotional state in detail with all of us, so we see better as himself: “That makes me happy”.

We learn from The Writer that the irational side of Alan Wake has now assumed control over his Dark Place. To overcome his situation, the protagonist must reunite with her other side and continue to make good progress. At the end of this episode, each step is an inedvertent attack on his separate personality. He can eventually reconcile his rational and irrational side. Alan Wake is a new generation of writers working on bringing the dark place to light.

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And that’s all you need to know about your plan for Alan Wake 2! The story’s left off as Alan Wake trapped at the bottom of Cauldron Lake in the dark place, and now he has written his new novel to try trying for this escape. Though we still don’t know much about the sequel, Remedy revealed that fans will play half of this game as FBI agent Saga Anderson. Thus, it’s likely that Alan Wake will communicate with the agent through his writing. The plot is trying to find out how Anderson had done with the story in depth while investigating Bright Falls.

Alan Wake II is set to be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC starting October 27, 2023.

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