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After Starfield and Redfall revealed Microsoft, Bethesda has a new secret game

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What kind of legend does Bethesda look like going to become a trilogy?

Microsoft admitted that the three more games in Bethesdas are all Xbox exclusives, but it won’t say what the secret third game is.

At that moment we think everybody is ravaged by the planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard, unless compared to Microsofts continuing actions of pretending its incompetent underdogs are in the game industry, despite its richest company on the planet.

With some hints from their latest pleadings, nothing remains true for the sex. Its an admission that the next three games of Bethesdas will all be Xbox exclusives. Except for Bethesda, only two games are planned.

It is possible for Starfield and Redfall that we already know about and technically The Elder Scrolls 6 has already been announced but it isn’t only a question, it’ll not only be their second game, but all of the mention of the third game had been redacted from court documents.

The document is aimed at Microsoft, which is seeking to respond to the different arguments against the acquisition, as well as the widely agreed belief that they’ll end up making Call Of Duty and other games Xbox console exclusives no matter what they say before the purchase.

Many have pointed out that despite pretending that some games would remain multiformats before they bought Bethesda, that never happened. Both Starfield and Redfall were due out this year, before they got delayed, but there’s no plan for the upcoming game to be on PlayStation.

The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced in 2018, but was implied to be a few years away from completion (and this was both before the pandemic and the Microsoft acquisition).

Why do they have to redact this? (pic: Microsoft)

According to Microsofts new legal filing, Xbox anticipates that three future titles intended for play primarily by single or by small groups will be leased to Xbox and PCs.

As you can see, the names are redacted – but does not make sense on the three above, as one already knows, of them?

This suggests that there’s another unannounced game between Redfall and The Elder Scrolls 6 and that it’s a one-player and/or co-op title.

You might’ve thought their next game like that would be The MachineGames Indiana Jones title. But that’s already been announced and is thought to be multiformat, which would’ve helped Microsoft’s argument.

The best guess is if its maybe a new, or unreliable, (or Hexen, since Phil Spencer is a fan), game, as id hasnt announced, yet it could quite easily be a third party title made by a non-profit developer.

Since Microsoft’s last game revealed in 1977, they didn’t have any new games, so it is easy to imagine they have a bunch of unannounced new games waiting their turn, but even though well hear about them officially, the real danger is not to say.

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