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After the shattered riot in Baldurs, you can often shower a few times after

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Baldurs Gate 3 is one of the most popular operating features. But the mechanics remain somewhat hidden from the players. A good example is to break the heal potion between multiple characters in a single bottle to boost your HP. That’s, of course, not the only example. As a mechanic, you can wash out the dirt and blood that are left after the fight before entering the camp.

Baldurs Gate 3 introduced a character editor that some fans use many times a day. And therefore, when a battle is completed, a character is baptised with both dirt and blood, it may affect the aesthetic perception. Most likely the vast majority of us manage our characters by going to camp to get our characters in order, but, as it turns out, that is not the only solution to that problem.

On the subreddit one of the players reported that in order to get up in time, you must simply stand a waterfall under the water. It’s enough to put it next to the companions and break him with a weapon so that the water washes his faces.

Wash yourself using a drip spray. It’ll be useful in other situations, but now I like to note that this is a little spoiler, but will not spoil the enjoyment of the game.

If you hate sports dating with Karlach, he’d probably noticed this that she was one hot thing. The black warrior girl is extremely hot and very hot. An instant touch can burn her hero. You can cool her down with water and kiss him a little. This might sound like a joy but the joy on Karlach’s face does take away.

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