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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition updates, Return to Rome DLC gets new campaigns

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Microsoft may have finally launched Fourth Age of Empires for Xbox Series X and S consoles two weeks ago. However, it hasn’t forgotten the other old games in the historic RTS series. This week the company published a new and important update for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and added two campaigns for its Return to Rome DLC.

God Change comments in the 93001 update program That this new version is mainly intended to squash a lot of bugs that have been discovered. However, the big addition comes with Optional Return to Rome DLC pack. The update brings two campaigns from the first Age of Empires game for The Age of Second Empires Through the DLC release.

The first campaign is the Ascension of Egypt. Microsoft says:

Follow the creation of the Ancient Kingdom of Egypt, learn the skills and strategies you need to guide your civilization to victory across 12 scenarios in the Rise of Egypt campaign. Each scenario is designed to help hone your fundamentals and practice a specific skill, such as: exploring the map, building your economy, and even converting enemy units.

The second campaign is the First Punic War; Microsoft says:

Command the mighty Carthaginian Empire in their war against the aggressive Roman Empire. Push back the Roman invasion, destroy their supply lines and erect a monument to Carthage’s might across 3 epic scenarios. After that, you’ve proven the futility of Carthage’s challenge, and you’ll send the Romans back to where they came from!

Microsoft adds that two additional campaigns, Glory of Greece and The Voices of Babylon, will be added to the Return to Rome DLC in a future update.

You can buy Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition For PC and Xbox Series S and X consoles in the Xbox Store. Return to Rome DLC Available separately. The game and DLC are also available via Xbox Game Pass.

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