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Ahsoka episode 6 Spoilers: What’s going on in the next episode?

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Ahsoka episode 6 spoilers are here, should you please read them? When it comes to analyzing the footage, interviews with the people who have worked on the show and other sources, it makes it possible for us to gather information about what’s going on next.

Listening to the episode 6 of the Ahsoka game and plot leaks.

Now that the ray comes from the tomb is finally revealed.

In episode 6, reports suggest that Grand Admiral Thrawn will be shown finally onscreen. This live-action version is played by Lars Mikkelsen.

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According to The Reddit user, EconomicsLegal6989, Thrawn will show up for the first time. (via Profhuyang)

The only trailer, which hasn’t been used in the show, still is Thrawn, both from the beginning and the left. All trailers for this show take on the first six episodes, all the scenes for 7 and 8 are completely new.

The mystery will be published until the last moments of episode 6.

Peridea is the setting for the final two episodes.

Rumors had already suggested that the show ending would be tied to Peridea. As soon as Ahsoka is heading off, this seems very likely.

The planet of Peridea hasn’t been shown in trailers, the location clearly being kept a mystery for the most part.

Underwater scenes

As soon as Ian S. Takahashi, a spectrograph reported to be working on Ahsoka, its expected to have one of the next episodes features some underwater scenes.

It is possible that Peridea, which has some water, would be able to catch the latest, a recent explosion on the underwater scene. We’ll be able to connect those dots until Periea is revealed during the Episode 6 episode.

For more content on the action against Ahsoka, heres that play her young version in the live-action show. Heres how Anakin called her Snips in the Disney Plus series and the Clone Wars.

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