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Aldur Gate 3 is just the beginning: Hasbro has big plans to play Dungeons & Dragons

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The success of Baldurs Gate 3 didn’t escape Hasbrothe publisher of Dungeons and a group of sexes that concentrates on video games to grow their business. The CEO of the company, Chris Cocks, says that he was asked if the results of the movie Dragons: Honor among Thieves caused a slowdown in the company’s plans to expand the activity and profitability of Wizards of the Sea.

The new Dragons and Dungeons will be in shape.

The Baldurs Gate III proves that even toughcore RPGs can appeal to the masses.

One of the products that Cocks refers to should be the digital version of Dungeons & Dragons, on which the company has been working for years and which does not have any date yet. This will let you hold the meeting of the paperplayer digitally, thus connecting players from all over the world.

For the rest, the references to real new video games are clear. Hasbro revealed during the meeting that he will probably earn more money from Baldurs Gate than all the movies allowed in the last 5-10 years.

For now there is no one really announced, but let’s expect new high-level titles for the next few years, but the harder task still is, competition, masterpiece, larian studio.

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