Although he wasn’t careful not to confirm We Send III’, Druckmann admits that there’s more to tell, but some story to say


The rumor mill surrounding Us last seems to be a lie after the press has started to hype the future HBO adaptation of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. All interested in discovering what changes the live-action series will make to the character and the setting would have been like, and, more importantly, will Naughty Dog try and capitalize on the exposure of the highly anticipated show by making more The Last of Us games?

According to Naughty Dog co-President Neil Druckmann, the answer would sound like a whisper. While he recently put on Twitter to remind people not to believe that they read every leak, Druckmann wouldn’t exclude the possibility of more The Last of Us games, stating in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that there’s a lot more stories to tell within The Last of Us.

This seems an admission that there are plans for The Last of Us part III. Interestingly, as is rumours that it was 2021 when Druckmann said there was an outline for a story to follow up Part II. I think the truth is that when we try to make a sequel to a highly successful game, it seems to be very useful.

To promote this movie without worrying, it’s important to remember the context of this quote, which isn’t included in the press tour as part of an anticipated game adaptation. Printmanns work is aimed at providing hype and lowering quotes like this is a very effective way to do that. Neither confirms nor denies a sequel to The Last of Us, but lets fans play in the imagination.

The fact that Druckmann is still open to discussing The Last of Us in videogame is fascinating, but all these rumors and quotes should be taken with a pinch of salt. The fans should be able to keep their expectations out until an official announcement is made.


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