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Amazon began delivering goods by drones in California and Texas

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Amazon has begun to sell its orders to customers using drones. According to Ars Technica, the Amazon Prime Air delivery service has begun operating in Lockford and College Station, California. This service provides its customers with a drone to deliver items weighing up to 2.3 kilograms. According to the company, up to 85% of the packages delivered by the marketplace are under this criteria. Delivery time is 60 minutes.

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In August of this year, Amazon received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to launch a commercial project for the delivery of goods from non-corporeal aircraft. Residents in these cities in California and Texas can now call for Amazon Prime Air and request the delivery of items purchased by a drone. Upon confirmation of the order, the buyer is informed about the delivery time as well as tracking information.

The drone will travel to the address that is the address, descend in the backyard of the buyers house, hover at a safe height, drop the package, and then return to the base a few days later, the service says. Amazon started in small towns. Lockford is a small city with 3 500 inhabitants, and is only about 80 km from Sacremento. The College Station is in turn approximately 160 km from Houston.

Amazon Prime Air noted that they will expand the size of the drone delivery services and create a larger customer base. The company uses a powerful MK272 drone that combines 6 low-noise propellers to deliver goods. The drones are entirely autonomous and controlled by the algorithms of a computer, which can also be managed for the purpose of ensuring that the device stops the chimneys, power lines, trees and other obstacles, an operator monitors the delivery of the vehicles.

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