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Amazon Prime members can get the eero Max 7 Wi-Fi 7 router for a new low price of $449.99

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We have seen the prices of the Amazon eero Max 7 Wi-Fi 7 mesh router drop, but that’s mainly because of buying it in two or three packs. For people who just want to buy one new router, Amazon has dropped the price of a single eero Max 7 router for Prime members ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2024 next week.

For those members, the price of the Amazon eero Max 7 Wi-Fi 7 mesh router has dropped to $449.99. That’s a new low for the router and a whopping $150 off its MSRP of $599.99. You can Become an Amazon Prime member now with a free 30-day trial which you can cancel at any time.

The Wi-Fi 7 router offers wireless download speeds of up to 4.3 Gbps and can cover up to 2,500 square feet. It supports connecting up to 200 devices on your home network at once. You also have two 10 Gbps Ethernet ports on the back of the router for an even faster wired connection to your gaming console, or PC. It also has two 2.5 Gbps Ethernet ports.

Right now, the price is low enough that you can buy two or three of these routers individually and save money compared to buying a two- or three-pack. Buying two routers now costs $899.98, compared to the $1,199 two-pack. Buying three routers at the current price is $1,349.97 compared to the three-pack at $1,699.

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